IDF Believes Hezbollah Recently Placed Explosive Devices Found on Northern Border

Five devices found inside Israeli territory north of international border; Israel files complaint with UN.

The Israel Defense Forces believes that five explosive devices found Monday along the Israel-Lebanon border were placed recently by Hezbollah.

Troops from the Engineering Corps found the devices while patrolling some 60 meters north of the border fence, inside Israeli sovereign territory, near Moshav Avivim.

The devices themselves were located several meters inside Lebanese territory. The troops fired at the devices, which caught fire and exploded.

The soldiers then carried out further searches of the area.

The army said the explosives were hidden in containers that looked like boulders, and were designed to target IDF patrols on the border.

Israel has filed a formal complaint with the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon, whose troops are stationed along the border. UNIFIL troops and members of the Lebanese army arrived at the site following the detonations, and conducted searches along the border.

About 10 days ago, IDF troops destroyed two Hezbollah bunkers uncovered during searches of the area around the border fence. One of the bunkers was found during the war, and the other was uncovered last month.

Both bunkers were within Israel's territory, somewhere between the international border and the border fence. The bunkers housed supplies, food and tools that would enable a long stay underground.