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IAA DG Ofir Petitions Jerusalem Court to Bar IAA Board From Convening

The IAA board of directors is expected to approve Ofir's dismissal during its next session.

Israel Airports Authority (IAA) Director-General Gabi Ofir on Sunday petitioned the Jerusalem Labor Court in an effort to bar the IAA's board of directors from convening Tuesday, Haaretz learned.

The IAA board of directors is expected to approve Ofir's dismissal during its next session.

The petition is against the IAA and Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz.

Ofir requested that the IAA board be banned from convening until all of its members are replaced. The petition is scheduled for review Monday.

Ofir has also demanded that State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss barIAA Legal Advisor Ariyeh Shaham from participating in the process of his dismissal. Shaham is "tainted with bias and has a personal interest in my dismissal," Ofir wrote.

In his petition to Lindenstrauss, Ofir complained of "political appointments, nepotism, lack of moral integrity and breach of trust by senior staff members, and the jeopardizing of passengers" at the authority. The move is also part of Ofir's struggle against plans by IAA Board Chairman Ovadia Eli to have him replaced.

Ofir details a series of suspicions against Ovadia Eli, IAA legal advisor Ariyeh Shaham and Ben Gurion Internantional Airport Chairman Ze'ev Sarig.

Ofir alledges that Eli is guilty of "a criminal act of fraud and breach of trust, which includes interfering in a tender," as well as "wrongfully leading a move for the termination of IAA Chairman Gabi Ofir."

Ovadia Eli said in response that "it is regrettable that Gabi Ofir has chosen to debase the State Comptroller's Office by filing a fictitious complaint composed of a collection of anonymous lies, in order to buy time ahead of the discussion over his faulty tenure as IAA director general."