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RAMALLAH - Several hundred members of the Palestinian mainstream ruling Fatah movement announced Saturday they will quit the movement as its leadership was not addressing urgent reforms needed.

In a letter addressed to Palestinian Authority Chairman and Fatah Chairman, Yasser Arafat, and to the movement's central committee, the activists protested against "the tragic situation Fatah has reached and which was not taken care of in spite of calls for reforms".

The quitting members also cited the rampant corruption of the organization's leaders as a reason for the move, Israel Radio reported on Saturday.

The more than 350 signatories, which did not include well-known members of the group, blamed Khaled El-Hassan, a Central Committee member close to Arafat "for leading Fatah toward disaster, division, catastrophes, and detrimental fate."

Fatah's leadership was not challenging those "who have harmed the national interest of the Palestinian people and who are so powerful."