Hospital X-ray Technician Arrested for Allegedly Raping Patient

Suspect denies charges against him, says did not stray from standard examination protocol.

An X-ray technician at the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center was arrested over the weekend for allegedly sexually assaulting women brought to his laboratory for a check-up.

A 24-year-old Shoham resident filed a complaint with Ramleh police last week in which she detailed how the technician, a 28-year-old Tiberius resident, raped her after she was sent to his lab for medical X-rays. Following the complaint, a police investigation was launched in collaboration with the hospital's chief of security. The information collected during the investigation, including testimony from the head of Assaf Harofeh's X-ray department, has strengthened the case against the technician.

After certain aspects of the physician's examination aroused the Shoham resident's suspicions, she consulted with her family physician, who informed her that she had been sexually assaulted.

"We started to investigate as soon as we received the complaint, and after the complainant underwent a medical examination that confirmed that the X-ray technician's actions were not part of the routine examination," said Ramleh Police's chief of investigations.

Police arrested the suspect over the weekend. During his investigation, the suspect denied all the charges against him, claiming that he did not stray from the standard examination protocol.

Police said the plaintiff's credibility is not being questioned, and that she confronted the suspect with the allegations during his investigation.

Police say it is possible that there are other women who were sexually assaulted by the technician, and that they will step forward now that details of the case have been made known to the public.

The suspect will be indicted Wednesday.