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Haifa Woman Suspected of Planning, Ordering Husband's Death

According to suspicions, woman offered a Haifa man thousands of Shekels to kill her husband in revenge for ongoing abuse.

A 34-year-old Haifa woman was arrested over the weekend for planning and ordering the murder of her husband.

According to suspicions, the woman offered a Haifa man thousands of Shekels to kill her husband.

During her investigation, the woman told police that she ordered the murder because of ongoing abuse on the part of her husband, but had since changed her mind.

Police said they would investigate the allegations of domestic abuse.

The couple has two children.

Police have yet to find the man who was contracted to carryout the murder.

The woman's husband was unaware of his wife's arrest and the plot against him. Police will summon the man, who works outside of Haifa, to give testimony.

The Haifa court was scheduled to discuss Saturday evening the details of the woman's arrest. The woman will not be present as she has been hospitalized for a medical condition unrelated to the investigation.