The IDF’s main draft center, in Tel Hashomer.
Recruits at an IDF draft center. Photo by David Bachar
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Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid was proclaimed the the next finance minister in the new coalition government being put together; Habayit Hayehudi chief Naftali Bennett was named minister of industry, trade and labor.

Likud officials threatened an "intifada", or uprising, over what they call “Netanyahu’s failure to give out positions” to members of his own party.

Three teenagers from Upper Nazareth were arrested for harassing an Arab woman, spitting at her and telling at her to leave the neighborhood.

Ahead of Barack Obama's visit to Israel, U.S. officials said that the campaign to free Jonathan Pollard is only hurting the chances of that happening.

Figures published by the IDF show that draftees’ motivation to serve in combat roles in field units has continued to drop.

A Jerusalem District Court judge lambasted the Interior Ministry's suggestion that three sisters living in Gaza undergo genetic testing to prove their Israeli citizenship.

Bulgaria's parliament for the first time expressed regret for the deportation of 11,000 Jews to their deaths during the Holocaust.

And an asteroid as big as a city block shot by Earth, joining the recent wave of celestial objects visiting the neighbourhood.