Rioting on the Temple Mount
Rioting on the Temple Mount (archive photo, 2012) Photo by AP
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Israeli warplanes attacked Hezbollah targets, according to the Lebanese national news agency, with Israeli officials refusing to comment on the reports. 

More than a dozen people were injured in clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police at Jerusalem's Temple Mount, with lawmakers preparing to debate Israeli sovereignty over the holy site. 

The Knesset passed a controversial bill distinguishing between Muslim and Christian Arab citizens, with critics slamming the law as an effort to "divide and conquer" the Israeli Arab population. 

Five people were hurt after a fragmentation grenade was hurled at a currency exchange in Petah Tikva. 

Police suspect a key witness in the 2009 shooting at a Tel Aviv gay youth center lied during his testimony, a law enforcement official said. 

Firebombs were thrown at a synagogue and community center in Zaporozhye, according to a blog of the Chabad movement, in the first violence against Ukraine's Jewish community

In Germany, more than 60 percent of anti-Semitic hate mail comes from educated Germans, with only 3 percent coming from ultranationalists, a new study shows. 

And sales at Israel's big malls were down by 17% in the first half of February due to the unusually warm winter weather