Drilling platform at the Leviathan natural gas field. Photo by Albatross
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Tens of thousands of South Africans gather to honor Nelson Mandela at a massive memorial service that drew some 100 heads of state and other luminaries.

Israel believes that the explosive device detonated Friday against an IDF jeep on the border with Syria was the work of the Assad regime, not the global jihad organizations.

Israel wants to purchase four ships  from Germany to protect its natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean Sea. Though Israel and Germany are at an advanced stage of talks over the purchase, a deal has not been signed and defense officials say Israel is considering various other options.

The Knesset passed controversial legislation allowing Israel to detain illegal migrants without trial for one year. MK Eli Yishai maintains that one year is not enough, "we need hot pursuit."

The Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee will hold a meeting to discuss helping Israelis with multiple disabilities.

Two years after social protests shook the country, consumer prices should finally start falling as the Knesset approves a landmark bill loosening the iron grip of corporate giants on the economy.

The new detention center for illegal African migrant is meant to open Thursday, however not all requirements of the Fire and Rescue Service have been met and there is still no hot water in the facility.

In a landmark case, a court orders a couple who abandoned their Doberman to pay for her care and maintenance, on top of 2,065 shekels ($590) for medical outlays.