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A recently-formed left-leaning environmentalist group on Tuesday announced that it will be running for the Knesset in the February 10 general elections.

At a press conference in Tel Aviv, the chairman of The Green Movement, Eran Ben-Yemini, said the new party will hold a primary election this Friday to determine its list of candidates for the Knesset. Ben-Yemini, cofounder of the student environmental organization Green Course (megama yeruka), founded the new party along with Professor Alon Tal - the founder of Israel Union for Environmental Defense.

Ben-Yemini said that he and his associates decided to form a party after realizing that none of the existing political parties are demonstrating enough commitment to dealing with environmental issues. He added that the new group considered joining the new leftist movement under Meretz. "We did not think the terms they offered were suitable, so we decided to run on our own," Ben-Yemini said.

Should the new party (not to be confused with the Green Party) cross the voter threshold and make it into the Knesset, Ben-Yemini sees little chance of it joining a coalition under Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu, who is leading in the polls. "Netanyahu's policy is anti-environmental and does not support social causes," he explained.