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The fashion label Fox announced Tuesday it would be collaborating with the Israeli Forum for the Promotion of Equal Share in the Burden, an anti-draft-dodging group. Fox made the announcement after meeting with representatives of the group, which threatened to lead a consumer boycott of the company because it employs models Bar Rafaeli and Michael Lewis, who did not serve in the army.

Rafaeli also announced she would be collaborating with the forum.

"We welcome the move of Bar Rafaeli and Fox following the meeting with the association. The business sector also understands that it simply does not pay to dodge the draft," the forum's strategic consultant, Itai Ben-Horin told Haaretz.

Fox told the press Tuesday that it encourages enlistment into the Israel Defense Forces and opposes draft-dodging. All its directors and owners had served, Fox also said. Bar Rafaeli said, "Following the meeting I suggested that from now I will collaborate with the forum on all my visits to Israel."

Meanwhile, Haaretz received an unidentified e-mail calling for a consumer boycott of Fox. Ben-Horin said he knows about the e-mail and says it did not come from his group.