Ex-minister Suspected of Second Drug-smuggling Attempt

Tel Aviv police on Monday questioned former energy minister Gonen Segev, who has been indicted for attempting to smuggle ecstasy pills into Israel, over whether he also attempted to smuggle drugs into the country a second time.

A few days ago, Dutch police arrested a Dutch citizen suspected of involvement - along with Segev and two other Israelis - in an attempt to smuggle ecstasy pills. The investigation gave rise to the suspicion that the three Israelis gave the Dutch man a drug-filled suitcase in April, but that the recipient destroyed it when he discovered the drugs.

Police suspect that Segev, unaware that the suitcase had been destroyed, told the Dutch man to get rid of the suitcase. For this reason, Segev is also suspected of obstructing a police investigation.

The Tel Aviv District Court indicted Segev, Moshe Verner and attorney Ariel Friedman in May on charges of attempting to smuggle 32,000 ecstasy pills wrapped in chocolate candies from the Netherlands to Israel.