Envoy Oren: Iran-Israel Relations Could Change if Regime Falls

Deputy FM warns nuclear Iran would destroy world order and spark unprecedented arms race.

Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren said Wednesday that Israel believed sanctions against Iran over its contentious nuclear program would be effective, adding that the goal should be to weaken the Islamic regime and not its citizens.

"We are focused now on sanctions, not on destroying," Oren told CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

Israel was not looking toward putting a deadline on such sanctions, Oren said. He added that Israel agreed with a number of approaches being posed by the Obama administration on the matter.

"The goal is complete cessasion if enrichment of uranium on Iranian soil," he said. "We are re-examining how we are going to impose those sanctions and we are cooperating closely with Obama's administration and our assessments are very similar."

"I won't give prophecy about future of Iran. It's not the same Iran," Oren added. "We don't believe that sanctions will galvanize the regime, but will further drive the regime and people apart."

"I'm sure that Iran under different leadership will have different relationship with Israel," he added.

Deputy FM: Nuclear Iran would destroy world order

Earlier Wednesday, Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon warned that a nuclear Iran would set off an unprecedented arms race in the Middle East,

"A nuclear Iran would destroy the world order," Ayalon told a gathering in Jerusalem.

"We would see a nuclear arms race which we have never seen before."

He urged the international community to form a "united front" against Iranian nuclear aspirations.

Iran was an especially dangerous state to possess an atom bomb because of its "radical, fundamentalist" regime, its "extremist policy" and its support of Islamic militant factions, he charged.

Tehran was "banking on driving a wedge between the different members of the security council and the international community.

"Suffice to say that I take the American president and secretary of state at their word and they are right to say and to state that all options are on the table," Ayalon warned, alluding to the possibility of a military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities in case international sanctions failed.

Speculation has been rife as to whether Israel is planning such a military strike and whether it would carry out such a plan even without US support.

Israeli officials have repeatedly warned that they prefer tough international sanctions, but have equally often threatened that it would not rule out military action.