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The National Union decided yesterday to launch an open campaign targeted at disillusioned Likud voters. The slogan accompanying the new campaign - "A true Likudnik votes National Union" - has already appeared on invitations for the party's rallies, mainly in Jerusalem.

Despite the fact that Likud voters began switching to the National Union immediately after the Likud Central Committee elections, the National Union campaign team hesitated to make its message to Likud voters too direct and open, fearing that they would be perceived as taking advantage of the Likud's weakness, thereby harming Ariel Sharon.

Based on estimates that Sharon's situations has stabilized, however, the party has now decided to launch the new campaign, portraying the National Union as the true Likud.

Another idea considered by the National Union is distributing pamphlets in the Gaza Strip that would "tell the Palestinians the truth on issues such as the destination of PA funds and the PA corruption."

In the past, party chairman Avigdor Lieberman praised the U.S. for distributing fliers in Afghanistan prior to the attack on the country. The technical details of distributing printed material over the Gaza Strip are being studied.