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Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Ya'akov Edrey will convene the Ministerial Committee on Symbols and Ceremonies Monday in order to choose an official name for the second war in Lebanon.

Edrey, who chairs the panel, said Sunday that he plans to ask the committee to name the conflict a "war" and not an operation, campaign or fighting, as it is currently designated.

Last week, Edrey explained that he was prevented from using the specific term "war" due to the government's original decision to consider the conflict an operation, something which raised the ire of many bereaved parents who lost their sons in battle.

Some 20 bereaved parents met last week at Moshav Mei Ami and decided to change the inscription on their sons' tombstones from "fell in battle" to "fell in war in southern Lebanon."

In addition to the ministerial committee headed by Edrey, a public committee was appointed last week by Defense Minister Amir Peretz to find a name for the war. The panel, headed by attorney David Libai, was created in parallel to Edrey's committee, which is subordinate to the decisions of the cabinet.

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