British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould Sept. 11, 2010
British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould
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British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould expressed concerns to Likud MK Ofir Akunis about a proposed bill that would limit the amount of money that Israeli political NGOs could receive from foreign governments and international organizations.

Gould told Akunis that the United Kingdom supports human rights work in a large number of countries and that its goal is to promote universal values. He also said that UK support for NGOs is not aimed against the Israeli government.

Gould cautioned Akunis that, if passed, the bill would reflect badly on Israel in the international community.

According to the bill, which was proposed by Akunis and has been backed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, political NGOs in Israel would not be allowed to receive donations exceeding 20,000 shekels provided by foreign governments and international organizations, such as the UN and the European Union. According to the bill, "inciting activity undertaken by many organizations, under the cover of human rights work, has the goal of influencing political debates, and the character and the policies of the state of Israel."

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