West Bank mosque arson
Palestinians inspect a West Bank mosque allegedly torched by Israeli settlers, April 2010. Photo by AP
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The warehouse of a Palestinian school near Nablus was set on fire and vandalized on Wednesday morning with Hebrew graffiti reading "regards from the hills."

Israeli security forces received a complaint from Palestinians early Wednesday that a girls' school near Nablus in the northern West Bank was vandalized and the IDF sent officers to investigate. The fire appeared to have caused minor damage.

The incident appears to be the latest action in a campaign that extremist settlers, who live on hilly outposts nearby, call the "price tag." They say it is their response to moves by the Israeli government to remove unauthorized settlements or restrict settlement construction.

Two weeks ago, arsonists torched a West Bank mosque, scrawling "revenge" on a
wall in Hebrew and charring copies of the Muslim holy book.