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Israel is considering halting all flights from Copenhagen to Tel Aviv, Haaretz learned on Sunday, as a response to Denmark's refusal to allow Israeli security personnel to perform independent security checks in Copenhagen for Israel's Arkia Airlines' newly launched Copenhagen-Tel Aviv route.

After a meeting between Israeli and Danish officials over the weekend, it became evident that Denmark is unwilling to allow Israeli personnel to perform security checks on passengers traveling from Copenhagen to Ben Gurion Airport. Moreover, Denmark is also opposed to the Israeli security guards holding weapons in Copenhagen Airport.

Denmark explained that allowing Israel to carry out security checks would violate laws of freedom of occupation and human dignity. They did, however, agree to allow Israeli security personnel to accompany Danish security as they carry out checks. However Israeli security officials have said this offer was unacceptable.

After Denmark's stark refusal to allow Israeli security guards to hold weapons in the airport and to conduct independent security checks for flights to Tel Aviv, Israel is considering halting all flights of the Danish Cimber Sterling airline from Copenhagen to Tel Aviv.

Moreover, thousands of Arkia Airlines passengers are likely to be harmed by the move. The airline plans to begin chartered flights to Copenhagen on July 4, 2011.