A Qassam rocket.
A Qassam rocket. Photo by Albert Sadiko
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The Israel Air Force carried out an air strike on a target in Gaza in the early hours of Wednesday, after a mortar and Qassam fired from the Strip landed in Israel overnight.

The target of the air strike was a tunnel in central Gaza.

The Israel Defense Forces said that the tunnel was being used by terror groups in the Strip to infiltrate Israel and to carry out terror attacks against soldiers and Israeli citizens. The IDF reiterated that they hold Hamas responsible for keeping the quiet in Gaza.

The mortar and Qassam fired from Gaza overnight landed in Israel's southern region, causing no damage or injuries.

Following the incident, the Home Front Command also announced that sirens would not sound within 7 to 10 kilometers of the Gaza Strip in todays national security drill, due to take place nationwide at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. 

The most recent flare up in violence with Gaza occurred in March, after Hamas militants fired an anti-tank rocket across the border at an Israeli school bus, critically wounding an Israeli teenager, who later succumbed to his wounds.

Israel retaliated with air and ground strikes, killing 19 Palestinians.