Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv
Israelis holding flags during a protest outside Turkey's embassy in Tel Aviv against Turkey's support for a Gaza-bound aid flotilla on May 31, 2010 Photo by Reuters
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An envelope containing suspicious white powder was sent to the Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv on Monday.

Israeli firefighters and representatives from the Environment Ministry were called in to inspect the powder, which was then sent to a lab in Nes Tziona to ascertain whether it contained dangerous chemicals.

Last week, containing anti-Israel letters and a similar white powder were sent to the embassies of the United States, Sweden and Spain in Tel Aviv.

The letters were written with a pro-Nazi slant and condemned Israeli policy in the West Bank.

Firefighters, police officers and Environment Ministry personnel were summoned to the U.S. embassy as soon as the envelope was opened there. Within a short time, similar envelopes were discovered at the Spanish and Swedish embassies.

All employees who came in contact with the suspicious powder were put into isolation, and field showers were created at the U.S. embassy to deal with the situation.

Israel Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said it was still unclear what the substance is, but that officers believed it not to be poisonous as no one was hurt.