Egypt Isarel Border - Alon Ron - 13112011
The built portion of the fence earlier this month. Sixty-five kilometers of the 240-kilometer-long fence have been completed. The fence is almost immune to attack. Photo by Alon Ron
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Israel's Education Ministry issued an unusual order on Monday forbidding any school trips to take place around the southern Israeli city of Eilat, following warnings against a possible terror attack on the Israel-Egypt border, Channel 10 reported.

All schools and youth groups were barred from the area south of Highway 12, which runs along the border and was the site of a terror attack on August 18 which resulted in the deaths of eight Israelis.

The Education Ministry said that following the warning issued by the Defense Ministry on Sunday, it was decided to cancel all trips in the area. Field trips inside the actual city of Eilat, however, will take place.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday commented on the current security situation on Israel's southern border, saying that it poses a difficult security challenge,
"We are working hard to complete the security fence along the Egyptian border," he said.

The fence is significant in terms of security in light of the rising instability in the Sinai Peninsula."