Brig. Gen. Danny Efroni
Brig. Gen. Danny Efroni Photo by Amos Halfon, Bamahane
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Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Chief of Staff Benny Gantz decided on Wednesday to appoint Colonel (res.) Danny Efroni to be the next IDF military advocate general.

Efroni will replace Major General Avichai Mendelblit.

Efroni retired from the IDF a year and a half ago after serving as the deputy military advocate general. 

The naming of the new military advocate general was the subject of a lengthy debate between Barak and Gantz. The appointment of Efroni was decided on as a compromise between Barak and Gantz.

The post of military advocate general is an important and sensitive one, as the individual occupying it has the authority to determine the course of IDF investigations and make decisions relating to ethical matters.