PA President Abbas with the Jordanian Prime Minister Fayez Al Tarawneh.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, right, shake hands with Jordanian Prime Minister Fayez Al Tarawneh during their meeting in the West Bank city of Ramallah, October 4, 2012. Photo by AP
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The Palestinian president appears to be backing away from his longstanding demand for Israel to halt West Bank settlement construction before peace talks resume.

Mahmoud Abbas told European diplomats Tuesday that he will resume talks after the UN votes on a Palestinian request for "nonmember state" status. A vote is expected in November.

Abbas made no mention of a settlement freeze, and officials said Abbas believes a freeze would no longer be necessary if he receives UN recognition of a state that includes all of the West Bank.

Peace talks have been frozen for nearly four years, in large part because of Palestinian demand for a settlement freeze and Israel's refusal to accept it.

While UN recognition is largely symbolic, the Palestinians believe it will bolster them in future negotiations