NDTV: How Hamas assembles and fires rockets
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NDTV report Photo by YouTube

India’s NDTV aired a report by Sreenivasan Jain showing a Palestinian rocket crew using a tent as cover to set up a rocket launch from a dense urban area, then launching the rocket, just minutes before the cease-fire went into effect on Monday.

Another Gaza rocket firing was caught on camera by French TV station, France 24, showed a rocket launching pad located about 100 yards from a United Nations building flying the blue UN flag. A hotel housing journalists covering the Gaza conflict was located about 50 yards from the launching pad, according to correspondent Gallagher Fenwick, reporting from Gaza City.

“This type of setup is at the heart of the debate,” Gallagher reported. “The Israeli army has repeatedly accused the Palestinian militants of shooting from within densely populated civilian areas and that is precisely the type of setup we have here.”

Fenwick and members of his crew were forced to take cover when reporting from the site last week when a rocket was unexpectedly launched.