Gaza boy
APalestinian boy drawing on a chalk board at a UN school after evacuating his home near the border in Gaza City on July 13, 2014. Photo by AFP
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Americans living in Gaza are to be moved to safety as attacks between Israel and Hamas continue, and the death toll rises to 156.

The evacuation is due to begin Sunday, and could take up to three days with 300 Americans expected to be among those removed to safety.

The Americans are among 800 Palestinians who hold foreign passports and are due to leave, the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories, said.

Gaza's Interior Minister called on residents to stay in the city, and said the warnings of a need to leave were 'psychological warfare' from Israel.
The move comes as Israel widened its range of Gaza bombing targets to civilian institutions with suspected Hamas ties and deployed ground troops inside Gaza for the first time early Sunday to raid a rocket launching site in the Palestinian territory.

Four Israeli soldiers were hurt in clashes during the brief incursion to destroy a rocket launching site in northern Gaza, the military said. It said they have returned to Israeli territory.

It was the first time that Israeli ground troops are known to have entered Gaza in the current offensive. But the operation was carried out by special forces and did not appear to be the beginning of a broad ground offensive.