Rachel Fraenkel addresses UNHRC in Geneva, June 24, 2014.
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Rachel Fraenkel, mother of abducted Israeli teen Naftali, addresses the UNHRC on June 24, 2014. But does the world care? Photo by Screenshot

Rachel Fraenkel, the mother of an Israeli teenager who was abducted two weeks ago in the West Bank, addressed the United Nations on Tuesday in an effort to garner international support for Israeli efforts to locate and free her son.

"It is wrong to take children and use them as instruments of any struggle. It is cruel," Fraenkel said in her speech before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. "It is every mother's nightmare to wait endlessly for her child to come home," she said. "Doesn't every child have the right to come home safely from school?"

Fraenkel's son Naftali was abducted 12 days ago whilst hitchhiking home from a yeshiva in the West Bank. He went missing together with Gilad Shaar and Eyal Yifrah. There has been no sign of the youths wellbeing since their abduction, which sparked the Israeli security services' Operation Brother's Keeper.

Fraenkel, who spoke on behalf of the other two mothers, Bat-Galim Shaar and Iris Yifrach, also present in the room, thanked the UN and the International Red Cross for condemning the abduction, but said that much more can and should be done.

"We wish to express profound gratitude for waves of prayer support and positive energy pouring in from around the world. I thank the UN secretary general for condemning the abduction of our boys, expressing solidarity with our families and calling for our sons' immediate return.

"At the same time, I believe much more can and should be done by so many. We three mothers have come here before UN and world to ask everyone to do whatever they can to bring back our boys."