Iron Dome
Rafael plans to market cyber defense solutions under the brand name CyberDome, a name that capitalizes on its highly successful product, the Iron Dome missile interceptor battery, above. Photo by Reuters
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A laser-based defense system against rockets, mortars and airborne attacks will be unveiled by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems next month, Globes newspaper reported on Sunday.

The high energy laser (HEL) system, called Iron Beam, will be unveiled at next month's Singapore Air Show.

Iron Beam will complement the battle-proven Iron Dome short-range rocket defense system by assisting in intercepting very-short-range rockets fired at Israel.

The system will add an extra dimension to Israel's missile defense program, according to Israel Defense website. The future full lineup will comprise Iron Beam (very short-range) Iron Dome (short-range,) David's Sling (medium-range) and the Arrow 2 and Arrow 3 (long-range.)