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Former Shas Chairman Aryeh Deri on Monday said he would not appeal a court decision banning him from contending in the Jerusalem mayotal race.

The Jerusalem District Court ruled last week that Deri cannot run for mayor due to his conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude.

Deri, who retired from politics after being convicted of taking bribes in 2000, had said last month that he would enter the race if there were no legal barrier to doing so.

He also said last monththat if he were legally barred from submitting his candidacy in the race, he would drop out without seeking to overturn the ruling.

He was widely considered a serious threat to the other candidates' chances.

"I will tell the Torah sages not to appeal," Deri said. "I will do as I am told."

Deri, who was forced to retire from public life in 2000 when he was found guilty of taking bribes while serving as interior minister, submitted a petition to the Jerusalem District Court in late September asking it to approve his candidacy.