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Small politics determine grand policies31/12/07

What Will the Palestinian Authority Do With All That Money?31/12/07

Bhutto's assassination brings foreign policy back into focus30/12/07

Some U.S. candidates warn: The real danger is Pakistan, not Iran28/12/07

An exacerbated tension between Olmert and Rice28/12/07

Barack Obama backs Israel remaining a Jewish state27/12/07

Candidate wanted, no experience needed26/12/07

Success of Iraq surge boosts McCain's presidential campaign26/12/07

Top Republican candidate says supports dialogue with Iran25/12/07

Ron Paul insists: 'Israel encourages Americans to go into Iran'23/12/07

Hijacked by the demanding, spoiled Bar Mitzvah families21/12/07

Rabin's long memory and the NIE report on Iran18/12/07

So, Should American Jews have a voice in shaping Israel's policies?14/12/07

Who believes in intelligence reports?13/12/07

From 79% to 69%: American Jews are losing interest in Israel11/12/07

Do Iowa and NH voters care about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?11/12/07

"Perhaps this was naive of them, but they felt they were doing intelligence"09/12/07

The NIE and the freedom to grumble07/12/07

U.S. versus Iran / Handcuffed by the bureaucrats06/12/07

The Iranian test of probability05/12/07

Iran nuke study pulls military option off the table04/12/07

Amazingly, the new Jews actually love their Shabbat services02/12/07