Customer Files Lawsuit Against Israir Airlines Over Reduced Legroom

Plaintiff claims distance between passenger seats 6 centimeters less than as promised.

A disgruntled customer filed a lawsuit against Israir on Sunday claiming the airline company overcrowded its planes and misinformed the public on the legroom on its flights.

The plaintiff, Abraham Speizman, accused Israir of having advertised that the distance between each passenger seat on its Boeing 767-300 ER flights was 82 centimeters, whereas the real distance was 76 centimeters.

Speizman claims that by cramming passengers together Israir added 25 seats to each flight, raising the number of tickets it can sell from 218 to 243.

An architect by profession, Speizman decided to file a suit against Israir after flying on one of their Tel Aviv-bound flights from Bangkok, Thailand. He claims that he immediately noticed the reduced legroom when boarding the plane and that it caused him great discomfort throughout the flight.