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ClickSoftware Presents Drop in Sales, Profit for First Quarter

It posted record results for the fourth quarter, which is typically a strong one for software firms

The fourth quarter is traditionally a strong one for software companies, and it was a record one for ClickSoftware Technologies  (Nasdaq: CKSW). The first quarter of 2007 did not however smile upon the Israeli company, which makes systems for the efficient management of workers and technicians in the field.

First-quarter 2007 revenues amounted to $9.1 million, up 40% against the parallel quarter but down from the previous quarter, when ClickSoftware achieved sales of $9.3 million.

It netted half a million dollars or 2 cents per share, just 5% of its turnover, which is not atypical of small software companies.

Stock options for management and workers cost it $0.1 million, minus which its net reaches $0.6 million, ClickSoftware said.

In the previous quarter it had netted $1.1 million and in the parallel quarter, it lost $0.16 million.