Channel 10: IDF Soldiers Use Palestinian as Human-shield in West Bank

TV report shows a soldier aiming a rifle with a tear gas grenade from behind a 17-year-old in village of Dura.

Israel Defense Forces soldiers used a Palestinian teenager as a shield against rock-throwers in the West Bank last week, Channel 10 reported Monday.

The station showed film of soldiers leading the 17-year-old, identified as Fahdi, to a building where soldiers were stationed in the village of Dura in the southern West Bank. In a combination of actual footage and reenactment, the TV report showed how soldiers led the blindfolded youth out onto a second-floor balcony as a soldier aimed a rifle with a tear gas grenade from behind the teenager and other teens threw rocks at the building from across the street.

The IDF denied the allegation, saying the youth was arrested for throwing rocks at the soldiers, who did not use him as a shield but kept him under guard until he was transferred to police custody.

The Supreme Court has forbidden the use of Palestinians as human shields.