Boy, 11, Seriously Hurt After Peers Force Air Pump Into His Anus

The pump caused serious internal injuries to the boy who remains hospitalized.

An 11-year-old Galilee boy was hospitalized in serious condition Thursday after two of his peers forced an air pump into his anus.

The pump caused serious internal injuries to the boy, who remains hospitalized.

An initial police investigation revealed that the boy fell victim to two peers. They held the 11-year-old down, forced the pump into his rectum and turned the device on.

A doctor who treated the boy said he was suffering from severe damage to his intestine, which surgeons were forced to stitch up.

"We need to have faith that the boy will recover because there is a chance that there could be complications. We are crossing our fingers that he recovers, both physically and mentally," Dr. Alon Erez said Thursday.