Body of Israeli Citizen, 29, Found in Suitcase in Canada

Foreign Ministry confirms Montreal victim is Israeli man; police probe partner for alleged murder.

Canada police on Saturday found the body of an Israeli man, 29, inside a suitcase in Montreal after a passerby noticed a foot sticking out of the case which had been left outside in the snow.

Several hours after the discovery a 33-year-old Ottawa man, who claimed to be the victim's partner, turned himself in to the police and said that he had allegedly murdered the man.

The suspect is scheduled to be charged with second-degree murder in connection with the bizarre homicide, police said.

"He called us and we went to pick him up," said Ottawa police Constable Alain Boucher when asked how that police force came to arrest the 33-year-old in a homicide being investigated about 180 kilometres east of nation's capital.

The homicide victim's name was not released but Israel's foreign Ministry confirmed that the Canadian police had contacted them to inform them of the incident. "We are in contact with the Israeli citizen's family, who has been living in Canada for a relatively long time," the Foreign Ministry said in response to the reports.