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Civil Aviation Administration employees have decided to disrupt aviation traffic, including landings, on Monday in protest of structural changes made recently in the administration.

The employees, who said that the changes were made by management without their involvement, convened Sunday and decided to begin protests which may end in a total strike.

Planes that are not on the flight schedule will not be allowed to land, employees said. Because of this, extra flights and charters added to the flight plan will not be able to land in Israel.

Employees also said that they will not conduct periodic examinations on planes, which means some aircrafts will not be able to renew their flight license.

Aviation Industry projects may also be disrupted, if they are in need of the approval of the Civil Aviation Administration. Finally, exams will not be conducted to would-be pilots or technicians.

Workers say that the changes made by management hurt their professional status as well as their paychecks. For example, management has begun outsourcing for new jobs without discussing if first with the employees or the Histadrut Labor Federation.