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A string of Israel Air Force strikes killed at least six Hamas gunmen and wounded at least eight others in the Gaza Strip on Saturday and early Sunday, only hours after members of the Islamist group detonated two bomb-laden vehicles at the Kerem Shalom Israel-Gaza border crossing, wounding 13 Israeli soldiers.

Early Sunday, Palestinian medics said a Hamas militant was killed and six were wounded in two separate IAF air strikes, one east of Gaza City and the other in northern Gaza.

Shortly after the strikes, two Qassam rockets were fired from Gaza at the western Negev. No injuries or damage were reported as the rockets exploded in an open area. Later Sunday evening, Gaza militants fired five additional rockets into Israel. They too hit open areas and caused no damage or injuries.

On Saturday, An Israel Defense Forces spokeswoman said an IAF aircraft fired a missile at a group of militants spotted approaching the Gaza border fence. She said the militants were on their way to launch Qassam rockets into Israel.

Also on Saturday, Palestinian security and health officials said a mechanic with the Hamas police was killed and four people were wounded in an IAF strike in southern Gaza.

Earlier Saturday, a Hamas militant was killed in a separate incident when IDF troops raided a neighborhood of Gaza City.

On Friday, a Qassam rocket launched from the Gaza Strip hit high-tension power lines in Sderot, causing an electricity blackout in several neighborhoods of the western Negev town and a nearby kibbutz.

Another rocket exploded in the yard of a residential building, causing some property damage. Police sources said several people were treated for shock.

Sixteen Qassam rockets were fired toward Israel on Friday and hit open areas. One rocket sparked a fire, which was later contained. No injuries were reported.

On Thursday, 17 rockets were fired at the western Negev, including an upgraded Qassam rocket which activated the "color red" alert in Ashkelon. They all hit open areas across the region, but no injuries were reported.