Alleged Jewish Terrorist to Be Charged With Murdering Two Palestinians

Yaakov Teitel arrested a month ago on suspicion of murder, involvement in several murders and bomb plots.

Suspected Jewish terrorist Yaakov Teitel will be charged with the murder of two Palestinians later this week, the Jerusalem District Prosecutor's office said on Tuesday during a remand hearing.

Teitel was arrested a month ago on suspicion of murder and involvement in several murders and bomb plots. He confessed upon arrest to the two murder allegations for which he was charged.

The district prosecutor added that Teitel would also face charge of incitement to racism, deploying explosive devices, as well as sabotage, in a hearing that saw the first time since Teitel was brought before the court unrestrained since his October 7 arrest.

The suspected Jewish terrorist entered the courtroom with his hands formed into a "V" sign and refused to speak to the court, at the instruction of his attorney. According to the lawyer, Teitel has been restrained to his cell bed 24 hours daily.

The court asked the Shin Bet to review Teitel's incarceration conditions, and then extended his remand by three days.

The planned indictment did not include, however, charges tying Teitel with the murder of two policemen in the Jordan Valley eight months ago - a crime originally attributed to Palestinian terrorists. Teitel had denied responsibility for these murders in the past, and was not clear what evidence the police had against him.

A police source said last week that Teitel's modus operandi in the crimes he has admitted to "precisely matches" that of the policemen's murder.