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Tamir Airways, which operates flights to northern Israel, announced Thursday that it would stop flying to Rosh Pina and Kiryat Shmona as of June 1st due to "the transport minister's criminal negligence".

The company claims that the Transport Ministry and the Kiryat Shmona Municipality have not met the conditions stated in the tender.

"I came to the north with the genuine feeling that we could establish a regular air route like in every other developed county in the world. To my disappointment, I constantly ran into obstacles of corruption. With great sadness, I am forced to stop the regular flights to the north of the country as of June 1st and focus mainly on private and international flights," announced Company CEO Udi Tamir on Thursday.

The airline says that it told the Transport Ministry that it would stop flying to the Galilee well before the Second Lebanon War broke out, since the authorities did not follow through on the conditions stated in the tender.

However following the war, the company decided to continue the flights because they saw it as a "mission of national importance".

It is believed that the airway crisis is due to legal struggles between Tamir Airways and the operator of Kiryat Shmona Airport , Victor Hajaj.

A High Court of Justice hearing on the matter is expected to take place next month.