4Th Pullout Opponent Arrested for Planning to Torch Cars

Three of man's alleged accomplices were caught with flammables; man has been wanted since May.

Jerusalem police arrested a 30-year-old resident of the city suspected of involvement in a plan to set fire to vehicles in an act of protest ahead of the disengagement from the Gaza Strip in August this year, Army Radio reported Saturday.

The suspect was arrested late Friday night during a routine police examination, during which it was revealed that he was an escaped felon wanted by the police since May 2005. Police have been looking for him since three of his alleged accomplices were caught with canisters of flammable materials, intended to be used to torch cars.

The man was taken to Tel Aviv for questioning and will be brought before a judge Saturday night for a hearing on the extension of his remand.

Moredechi Levkovich, one of the three suspects arrested in May was sentenced in the framework of a plea bargain last month to two years in jail. The 21-year-old was convicted in a Tel Aviv court of risking the lives of others by attempting to set two cars on fire on the Ayalon Highway.

The two other men, brothers Mordechai and Elizur Levinstein, are currently standing trial.

According to the events describted in Levkovich's conviction, Levkovich and Elizur Levinstein brought two old cars packed with flammable materials to the Ayalon Highway. However, a technical problem kept the cars - and a fire - from starting.

The two called Mordechai Levinstein, a rabbi from Homesh, who told them to wait there until he came to examine the problem. The three were then arrested by the police, who received word of their intentions.