25 Gaza Rockets Strike Negev Over Course of Wednesday

Be'er Sheva hit by two rockets; Ashkelon, Sderot, Ofakim, Netivot and Kiryat Malachi also struck.

Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip on Wednesday fired 25 rockets into Israel's southern communities, including Be'er Sheva and Ashkelon. The number was significantly lower than the average absorbed by these communities in recent weeks.

Two rockets exploded in Be'er Sheva just after 4 P.M., minutes following the expiration of a 3-hour truce between Israel and Hamas which was meant to ensure a temporary free flow of aid to Gaza residents.

Some structures in the city were lightly damaged, but there were no casualties. Following that attack, more rockets were reported exploding in the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council, close to the Gaza Strip.

Earlier in the afternoon, two rockets hit Ashkelon, one exploding in the backyard of a three-story building. Nine people were treated for shock, but no other casualties were reported.

Four rockets struck Sderot earlier Wednesday, Ofakim and Netivot were each hit by two rockets and one landed in Kiryat Malachi.

Palestinian militants this week have continued the daily barrage of rockets that Israel has sought to halt in its 12-day air and ground campaign against Hamas in Gaza.

On Tuesday, a Grad rocket fired by militants struck Gedera, located 30 kilometers from Tel Aviv, and lightly injured a 3-month-old baby.

The rocket struck a road in the southern section of Gedera, close to residential housing, in the first such attack on the central Israel city.

The baby sustained wounds from shards of glass that hit her face, and was subsequently taken to a hospital for treatment. Four people were also treated for shock, including the baby's mother.

Gaza militants fired almost 30 other rockets into Israel on Tuesday, causing neither casualties nor property damage. Most of the rockets hit the western Negev, and the southern towns of Netivot and Ofakim.