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It was all ready for a great night. Going on the train to the stadium, sharing it with a whole bunch of footie fans and a lot of happy loud Africans having no space to move it really was a story to tell. Before the match I was really hoping and praying for an England win. They needed it, we needed it and to be honest, the World Cup needed it. But no. It really was a disgraceful performance in Cape Town last night. No passion, no commitment, no creativity or initiative, no nothing.

Before the match kicked off, I quickly went to the toilets and on the way there you could hear a massive bunch of drunk Brits singing their hearts out with cries like: "God, save the Queen", "Come on England" and many more. All throughout the match there was huge support from the English fans. They even out-sang the vuvuvzelas most of the time. But the players didn't deserve it.

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