News in Brief

I think therefore I will come to TA conference

The British philosopher David Campany and the American philosopher Edward Casey will be taking part in a three-day international conference on photography and phenomenology at Tel Aviv University opening on June 2. The conference, jointly hosted by the Spilman Institute for Photography and the Tel Aviv University Department of Philosophy, will examine the ways philosophy and phenomenology can contribute to the understanding of contemporary photography. Campany is an influential theoretician of photography, a curator and an artist. As Prof. Hagi Kenaan, one of the conference organizers explains: “Phenomenology is the area of philosophy that studies the structure of human experience and offers an understanding of our existence through our daily experiences,” of which Kenaan says photography is a dominant element in the 21st century. ‏(Avner Shapira‏)

Channel 1 veteran Hanan Azran dies

Veteran Channel 1 journalist Hanan Azran died Saturday night after a long illness. He was 62. Azran work as a reporter, anchorman and editor spanned 36 years, during which he also wrote books, focusing mainly on security issues, and plays. Azran, who retired from Channel 1 last year, was a Knesset and political reporter and editor and anchor on two Channel 1 shows about the media. He also broadcast a story on the journals of convicted nuclear spy Mordechai Vanunu. His 1994 documentary about  Menachem Begin, “From Brisk to Jerusalem,” won the 1994 Prime Minister’s Prize. ‏(Gili Izikovich‏)