News in Brief

Prof. Jonathan Gressel of the Weizmann Institute is the winner of this year's Israel Prize for agricultural research, while Prof. Abraham Nitzan of Tel Aviv University has been awarded the Israel Prize for chemistry. The prize committee selected Gressel because he is "an international expert in plant biotechnology" who has done "breakthrough research in molecular structures" that proved crucial in developing weed killers. The committee said that Nitzan received the prestigious prize for being "a world leader in the field of theoretical physical chemistry" whose work had led to "an understanding of energy transfer processes" and also laid the foundations for a new field of research: molecular electronics. (Or Kashti)

Ivan Vranetic, a Yugoslav partisan who saved Jews during the Holocaust, has died in Israel. He was 84. The Yad Vashem Holocaust museum recognized Vranetic in 1970 as a Righteous Among the Nations for helping Jews find hiding places in Croatia during World War II. Vranetic, who was nicknamed Ivica, later moved to Israel and married one of the women he saved. He was granted honorary Israeli citizenship and in 1986 was elected chairman of Righteous Among the Nations. Vranetic is survived by his wife, Arna Montilio. He is to be buried Thursday in Tel Aviv. (AP)

Authorities say a Serbian neo-Nazi leader who fled his homeland after being convicted of inciting hatred has been arrested in Germany. Goran Davidovic was arrested Tuesday aboard a train near the Austrian border, said Alfons Obermeier, a spokesman for prosecutors in Munich. He said Davidovic was arrested under a Serbian warrant and now faces extradition. Davidovic was convicted in Serbia of inciting national, ethnic and religious hatred for infiltrating an anti-fascist rally in 2005. He was sentenced to one year in prison but fled to Italy. (AP)