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New Year's Festivities Ruined by Rockets in Southern Israel

'We're a city under attack. People are getting killed. It seems a little strange to celebrate.'

The staff at Fishenson's Bar in Ashkelon can count on the fingers of one hand the number of customers they have seen since Saturday while the Todra dance bar was busy cancelling the fireworks and DJ for last night's planned festivities. On New Year's Eve the Ashkelon Marina's entertainment area would be empty after the Home Front Command instructed the clubs and bars not to open. The Forum, a club in Be'er Sheva, will not be marking the New Year and in Ashdod celebrations will be restrained.

"Do you know how many people are calling to find out if we're open? I thought maybe I'd do something anyway, but forget it - it's not worth it," said Moshe Atias, Todra's manager.

Next door at Scubar, Avi Shalem, the pub's owner said: "There have been quite a few attacks and people are afraid. Yesterday, from afternoon to evening there was only one table." However, at the Pick, the chef had come to get things ready. "We'll let them tell us when to celebrate and when not? No way. Come tonight, it'll be fun," he said.

In Ashdod, Yaniv Rozsensweig, one of the owners of the Adriana said, "We're a city under attack. People are getting killed. It seems a little strange to celebrate."

The Forum, the largest club in the south, canceled their grandiose New Year's party, but co-owner Yossi Schwartz called the Home Front Command's orders "playing into Hamas' hands to disrupt life in the south."