Oliver Stone: Jewish control of the media is preventing free Holocaust debate

Outspoken Hollywood director says new film aims to put Adolf Hitler, who he has called an 'easy scapegoat' in the past, in his due historical context.

Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone / Photo by AP
By Haaretz Service
Published 09:48 26.07.10

Jewish control of the media is preventing an open discussion of the Holocaust, prominent Hollywood director Oliver Stone told the Sunday Times, adding that the U.S. Jewish lobby was controlling Washington's foreign policy for years.

In the Sunday interview, Stone reportedly said U.S. public opinion was focused on the Holocaust as a result of the "Jewish domination of the media," adding that an upcoming film of him aims to put Adolf Hitler and Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin "in context."

"There's a major lobby in the United States," Stone said, adding that "they are hard workers. They stay on top of every comment, the most powerful lobby in Washington."

The famed Hollywood director of such films as "Platoon" and "JFK," also said that while "Hitler was a Frankenstein," there was also a "Dr Frankenstein."

"German industrialists, the Americans and the British. He had a lot of support," Stone told the Sunday Times, adding that "Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than the Jewish people, 25 or 30 [million killed]."

Referring to the alleged influence of the powerful Jewish lobby on U.S. foreign policy, Stone said that Israel had distorted "United States foreign policy for years," adding he felt U.S. policy toward Iran was "horrible."

"Iran isn't necessarily the good guy," Stone said, insisting that Americans did not "know the full story."

Stone's comments to the Sunday times echo previous remarks by the Hollywood director, regarding what he perceives as the distorted view of figures such as Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin in U.S. media.

Earlier this year, Stone, speaking at the at the Television Critics Association's semi-annual press tour in Pasadena said that "Hitler is an easy scapegoat throughout history and it's been used cheaply."

"He's the product of a series of actions. It's cause and effect ... People in America don't know the connection between World War I and World War II," Stone said, adding that through his documentary work he has been able to "walk in Stalin's shoes and Hitler's shoes to understand their point of view."

"We're going to educate our minds and liberalize them and broaden them. We want to move beyond opinions ... Go into the funding of the Nazi party. How many American corporations were involved, from GM through IBM. Hitler is just a man who could have easily been assassinated," Stone said.


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  • 76.
    Holocaust Deprogramming Course
    Holocaust Deprogramming Course
  • 75.
    "Art must serve Truth and God." - Stella Adler
  • 74.
    Jews declare war on Germany
    "Judea Declares War on Germany! Jews of all the World Unite! Boycott of German Goods! Mass Demonstrations!" - These were all headlines in the Daily Express on March 24, 193
  • 73.
    Stone must have gotten stoned again. Anybody who has millions of people murdered is deserving of being identified as a monster. sorry, ollie the commie.
  • 72.
    The truth, the rest of it, is not negative, unless Oliver Stone is correct. Concealing the truth and perception of control of certain sectors of society is what allowed Hitler impetus against the Jews.
  • 71.
    Jesus Christ was born and died a Jew ...
    Whatever causes anti-Semitism - antagonistic behaviour of Jews, Gentile envy of Jewish accomplishment, resentment at Jewish refusal to recognize Christ, or simple mad Aryan fantasies ... or a combination of the above, please remember, if you are a Christian, that Jesus Christ was born, lived and died a Jew.
  • Jesus
    Yes, Jesus was a Palestinian Jew !
  • 70.
    Hitler did kill more Russians than Jews. But he shot them on the battlefield. For Jews, he shovelled defenceless men, woman and children into gas chambers and then incinerated the bodies. If he'd killed 7 million Jews in some titanic battle. . . well, it would be a nasty war between two armies with horrific casualties. Also the allies beat the CR@P out of the Germans. Pulverized them. They should be thankful that there are ANY Germans alive. Remember this was the second time in 20 years that they had plunged Europe into war. It's the horrible wickedness of the act that chills us to this day.
  • 69.
    preventing debate on the Holocaust
    Sounds like he just wants to make the news with this comment. It's not the Holocaust he wants to debate, it's the background to the Holocaust, but that won't get as much publicity as claiming the Holocaust is open to debate. He's right about the support Hitler had from rightwingers here and in Europe, in the 30's many of them saw him as a way to block the enemy, which was communism.
  • 68.
    Oliver Stone is worse
    Mel Gibson must remain in the wilderness while this crackpot is considered a genius? Hollywood, what a country.
  • 67.
    Once again...
    This is actually funny...well, I've been researching and developing a documentary on has-been hollywood producers who moved to either Washington or Colorado to enjoy those state's lackluster laws on marijuana use and who think they know more than anyone else (oh by the way, how's that JFK theory going...you know, the one that's been disproved since the '70s....), anyway, it's more of a comedy and it will soon be released...here's a quote from one of my directors: "well you know Oliver Stone was a frankenstien, but there's also a Dr. Frankenstien." You should see it...it distorts history...
  • 66.
    Who knew?
  • 65.
    Oh my God seriously?? Really? Are you freaking kidding me?? Jews also control Hollywood, not just the media.
  • 64.
    And what the heck is a "free Holocaust debate"? What's there to debate? Is Mr Stone suggesting there may not have been a holocaust? Perhaps we should forget the millions of Jews who were exterminated? Or maybe Mr Stone is simply an antisemite? Well, he will most certainly be welcome in Sweden, a country where Jews actually feel so unsafe today that they move away. Perhaps he can join the Social Democrats in Malmö, and then they can all discuss just how horrible it is that people still acknowledge the Holocaust although the Jews are to blame for absolutely everything bad that happens in the whole wide world. Or perhaps it's all just a serious case of Alzheimer? Whatever reason I do need some space in my movie shelves, so bye bye Platoon and the rest of the Oliver Stone crap.
  • 63.
    Oliver Stone
    Stop going to his movies and he will be gone.
  • 62.
    The cat is getting out of the bag
    Once it's out, there's no putting it back in.
  • 61.
    Oliver Stone speaks the truth. He misses some things out but they aren't important in this context.
  • 60.
    I love freedom of speech. It forces people to react -- and sometimes even think. Unfortunately, thinking is a distant second. Also, the old adage, where there is smoke there is usually fire. Don't you love freedom of speech? It's great.
  • 59.
    Oliver Stone would like to be as relevant as Spielberg and Woody Allen.
    Envy is what motivates anti-Semites. As simple as that.
  • What motivates anti-Semites?
    Antagonistic Jewish behavior is what motivates them. Somewhere in your heart you know this.
  • stone
    Can't think of anyone as irrelevant as Woody Allen.
  • 58.
    Oliver Stone's head is turned to stone
    U.S. Jewish lobby was controlling Washington's foreign policy for years. These few words, this short statement, says it all: anti-Semitic trash. Oliver Stone has lost his mind.
  • 57.
    Instead of downplaying Hitler's role, he should make a film about Stalin's brutal dictatorship.
  • 56.
    Again nothing new
    Some in the West were intentionally or unintentionally helping Hitler? So what? Aren’t they helping Ahmadinejad today? or Saddam some time ago? We are endlessly inculcated with the notion that they are not and never have been threats, and that no measures should or should have been undertaken against them. Everything that has been done and is being done is the result of machination of the AIPAC and the ‘lobby’. Before the ‘event’ he (Hitler) may have looked similarly ‘harmless’ and those who warned against him were (called) ‘warmongers, enemies of peace etc.’. Oh yes, about placing in a context. Why not finally place the Israeli occupation in a ‘context’, for change? Things look a lot nicer when placed in a ‘context’.
  • 55.
    I would say that almost 100% of Americans would agree with this -
    the stench of Jewish control of the media and washington is reaching new heights - it is insane how history repeats itself and it always ends with a slap down of the Jew for hubris, arrogance, and sneakiness ---- demographics in the US, middle east and Europe will change this - a rising tide is coming.
  • 54.
    The path to truth does neither involve Oliver Stone nor Michael (fatboy) Moore.
  • 53.
    Oliver Stone's work
    RESPECT for Oliver Stone! I hope he is on top of what he is eating and drinking, otherwise he will end up like Hugo Chavez.
  • 52.
    As I read this article and the comments below... I see numbers spoken of too often. As if the horror of the Holocaust depends on numbers. One individual murdered because their race, ethnicity, religion is proscribed is too many. More than the Russians, less than the Russians, 6 million, 60 million, 6. It is a meaningless side argument. ONE is enough to be atrocity.
  • 51.
    On Stone
    Stone does get a little strange, but I think it comes from an urge to look at history and ask, "Are we being told all the truths?" I don't think he wants to deny the holocaust, which would be reprehensible. But does blame extend beyond Hitler and his pack of close associates? Very likely. And we let responsible parties off the hook when we make Hitler the only focus of blame. If the world means it when it says "Never again", then it must truly understand the dynamic that make Holocaust possible. And it must work to prevent this dynamic from ever occurring again, anywhere and aimed at victimizing any group of people.
  • 50.
    If there are facts that he can bring to the surface, then let it be. If its wrong, he will expose himself. If it is right, then we all are entitled to see the truth ,or part of it. Zionists/Israelis, and some Jews ,I noticed, are always objecting to anyone who wishes to debate and discuss issues, that do not support 100% the Zionist theme, or story. Not Jews nor anyone else in this world could be that innocent, as the Jewish people have claimed through history that they are. How could that be? Is this part of Choosiness? Or all others are of a lesser God?
  • 49.
    Oliver Stone: Jewish control of the media is preventing free Holocaust debate
    This is not surprising, Oliver Stone has made a career of rewriting history! 'He does not get bogged down with the facts', he just takes his own ideas and presents them as an 'alternative' to the real truth. like in the Doors film where Jim Morrison has a daughter and Janis Joplin dies before the Door's first album. He is currently trying to cash in on the growing antisemitism in America by defending hitler against the Jews, what a tool!
  • 48.
    I love how nobody reads the article, just the provocative topic and starts trashtalking about Stones factual comments.
    Thats exactly the sort of illogical mindset Stone talked about. Shame on you ,people . SHAME ON YOU.
  • 47.
    this proves israel is not a jewish but a zionist' country
  • 46.
    He is correct! America is overly focused on an event that had nothing to do with the United States or its people.
  • Except...
    Except for the fact that most Americans are descendents of Europeans, many of whom moved here as a direct result of WW2 and the Holocaust.
  • steven
    have you ever heard of the notion of " CRIME AGAINST MANKIND " it started with Jews,Roms,communists,homosexuals ,then may be you if you had been living in europe at that time Typically American ... selfish attitude
  • 45.
    oliver stone
    Has lost his mind
  • 44.
    sick bastard
    is this the same oliver stone who apologized on PBS for making these remarks, several years ago on Charlie Rose's program. (Charlie is not Jewish and PBS is the Public Broad casing system in the US) Stone professed ignorance then, hard to believe, but I guess dementia is setting in. He hasn't made a movie that is a critical or commercial success in 30 years.
  • 43.
    it was not hitler/germany alone who is responsible for the holocaust
    I believe that what Oliver Stone is saying is that it was not hitler and germany alone that are responsible for the holocaust. I have been studying holocaust history for many years, and I know that many other people must be blamed for the holocaust, including the USA and Britain. Just by visiting Yad Vashem you will quickly understand that the holocaust was not the act of just one person or one country. The USA refused to bomb the rail lines taking the Jews to the extermination camps, and Britain blocked the Jews from reaching Palestine. Initially, the nazis wanted to deport the Jews to Palestine, or to any other place, but because of the British blockade, and advice from the arab mufti of jerusalem, the killing started. Also, a high percentage of the Jews killed in the holocaust were not killed by the germans, but by the polish and other europeans who hated them.
  • Hitler killed Jews to get their money and possessions to feed his followers.
    Why is it a surprise that anti Semitism exists as it always has including the US and Britain; especially Britain. Why is it a surprise that Hitler killed so many more Russians than Jews? Think how few Jews compared to Russians there are and Germany and Russia were at war. How many Russians did Stalin kill? There were also earlier holocausts to steal money from Jews to fund the Crusades. Jews have been the whipping boys of modern times and it has not stopped. Stone has no special insight.
  • 42.
    Two things I must comment on
    First. "Hitler did for worse to the Russians ...... 25 to 20 million killed" Were they rounded up like cattle in box cars and railed over to the gas chambers ? NO. Second. "How many US corporations were involved ? Does not matter if one or twenty-one. What matters is what Hitler and the Nazis did and stood for.
  • 41.
    is a
    stone cold faggot
  • 40.
    He is so right....
    time for honesty and reality and perhaps Israel might be able to see that it has become what it condemns.
  • 39.
    all the world is now awakening !!!!
  • 38.
    amazing, he's even starting to look like hitler.
  • Very good
    Hilarious. You are correct though.
  • 37.
    the scientific process dictates that before anything turns to fact, it has to be thoroughly researched.
    when anyone speaks of any theory that doesnt overlap with the theory we are force fed. red lights and sirens go off and that person is discredited before he could finish his sentence. i personally think, if the theories fed to us were what really happened. then jewish organizations have nothing to worry about when a bunch of people stop to argue about what they think happened.
    most people don't know the significance of the 6-million number, nor do they know how it was claimed that 6 million Jews were either already slaughtered, starving or in danger BEFORE WW I !! Honest researchers learn for the love of learning, not because they hate one group or another, so if someone comes across something puzzling, there should be no PC-police to shut down discussion of the issue.
  • Hmm...
    Maybe there can be some serious study of the Holocaust. Oh wait, there's a veritable library on the subject. Guess it doesn't say what you want to hear.
  • Funny that truth can be as easily distorted today as it was 70 years ago.
  • 36.
    Jewish control of the media? That must be why Israel is so popular and revered in the media these days.
    It's amazing how the people who scream the loudest that the media is Jewish controlled are the ones that get the most headlines in the media that is supposedly Jewish-controlled. I think Ollie has some deep mental issues.
  • Even with media control...
    It is difficult to do good press out of occupation, colonization, theft, and murder... If Ollie has mental issues, then most educated Europeans of my generation are...
  • ear splitting scream
    a simple headline often defeats debate. WMD WMD WMD, terrorist terrorist terrorist terrorist. and if you say it enough it loses meaning. if you’re going to tell a lie, tell a big lie, and if you tell it often enough and say it in a loud enough voice, some people are going to believe you,” So why wouldn't the media allow Stone to make an unpopular statement, they are not going to debate him. Might I suggest you read Bloodlands by Timothy Snyder.
  • 35.
    Oliver stone is NOT an "anti semite" people throw that term out way too much. He is stating what we all know is the truth.
  • What we all know is the truth ?
    And the truth is that Hitler was not the evi;l man that we thought he was? And that Stalin's shoes fit Oliver Stones feet as an enlightened film producer ? If Oliver Stone is not anti-Semite what is he standing for? Truth you say ? The Russian death toll compared to the Jewish death was miniscule population-wise. If there was only 100 lions left in the world today and someone killed 50 that would be tragedy that was what happened to the Jewish population in the Holocaust. Stop making excuses for your Mr Stone and stop lumping everyone (we) else as having the same compulsions as you and Mr Stone.
  • yeah, Lenya, but
    Your position has some merit; in one way the percent of the group killed does matter. But it should be brought into context with other figures. Should one put it into the context of the eight million Ukrainians killed in one year by Stalin, or the tens of millions of Chinese killed by Japan? What percent of the world's Chechens did Stalin kill?
  • 34.
    oliver stone a anti semite?
    he was born a jew how is he an anti semite
  • Stone's father was Jewish so technically he's not Jewish
    Like most Jewish anti-Semites though, he no doubt has parental issues. Maybe his father punished him for lying as a child which is why Stione is making up for lost time. I hate this guy with a passion. He wanted to do a film praising Arafat..Now he's defending Stalin and Hitler...disgusting.
  • hitler
    must have hated his father.
  • Stalwart, all he has to do is convert to get his slice of the WB. Jewish enough for you?
  • Jewish anti-Semite
    Look at Gilad Atzmon, an ex Jew and an ex Israeli He describes himself as a "proud self-hating Jew"..
  • 33.
    Israel loves a hollywood story
    Jewish money has been behind many if not most of Hollywoods biggest productions. They gave us Charlton Heston as Moses, George C Scott as Abraham, and Paul Newman as a zionist aboard the Exodus. These were Hollywoods biggest stars at the time, and this is just scratching the surface. This is what money can buy. Israel is not used to Hollywood types going against the pro-Israel flow. It is interesting for its rarity. We had Mel Gibson and now Oliver Stone. Neither one is a true Hollywood insider, but both are huge in that small town. Still, I doubt that they are as disappointing to Israel as is Woody Allen. He made a a bunch of the most wonderful, most memorable movies ever to grace the small screen. His movies were awash with his Jewish heritage, history, and culture (as found in NYC), and yet he never gave a nod to Israel or to Israeli politics, or to Israeli propaganda. Woody Allen had his reasons for the things he did and did not do, same as Gibson and Stone. All should be taken in their complete context and not just as a target in a Jewish smear campaign.
  • It is not about being Jewish. It is about His big picture
    Talent is what they have got. The ability to put things together is also what they have got. Paul Newman and Oliver Stone are both half-Jewish for the record.
  • It is not about being Jewish. It is about His big picture
    Talent is what they have got. The ability to put things together is also what they have got. Paul Newman and Oliver Stone are both half-Jewish for the record.
  • 32.
    Did any other people die during wwII?
    I have been made to believe that only 6 million Jews were killed during war.But I'm just getting to know that over 30 million Russians wre also killed.Incredulous!thanks Oliver Stone
  • Didnt you go to school ?
    WWW2 killed even more than that. It wasnt just Russians, There were Europeans, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Americans, etc. Most civilian deaths were done in the act of war which means they werent targeted victims. The horror of the Holocaust was the fact that the Jews were deliberately singeled out as a race for extermination by the Nazi war machine.
  • lenya
    It would be unwise to tell Russians that having 15 - 20% of their population killed, and most of the rest put through incredible hardship, was not so bad because they were not targeted victims. The Germans most certainly intended for them to die.
  • This is the key point by Lenya
    Jews were targeted for extermination - they did not die as collateral civilian population damage in war or as fighting armies against the nazis, though some died as partisan and resistance fighters
  • 31.
    Oiver stone
    What did the Jews ever do to you for you to have such vile thoughts. The hatred in you must goback many years probably since childhood when you were taught the famous 4 gospels.
  • famous 4 gospels ?
    If any person had really studied the 4 Gospels they would have learned that Jesus was against killing of innocents and "to love your enemies" and "Do good to them that despisefully use you" They would have also learnt that Jesus was a devout Jew who attended the Jewish Synagogue as "was his "habit". Anyone who hates Jews do not know the 4 Gospels at all and can be classified as hypocrites.
  • 30.
    Hitler did not kill millions of Jews by himself. in fact with his own hands, he killed none, but he is still responsible , along with his early supporters of genocide. BTW, who were (one of) his first and most ardent supporters??? the German Zionists!!!!!!
  • Arab propaganda that Zionists supported Hitler
    The ionist movement tried to buy the freedom of Germany's Jews pay paying off teh Nazis. The new big lie that ZSionists were behind Hitler is garbage.
  • Read, and do your own researches
    In early January 1941 a small but important Zionist organization submitted a formal proposal to German diplomats in Beirut for a military-political alliance with wartime Germany. The offer was made by the radical underground "Fighters for the Freedom of Israel," better known as the Lehi or Stern Gang. Its leader, Avraham Stern, had recently broken with the radical nationalist "National Military Organization" (Irgun Zvai Leumi) over the group's attitude toward Britain, which had effectively banned further Jewish settlement of Palestine. Stern regarded Britain as the main enemy of Zionism.
  • 29.
    Oh Oh - Oliver Stone and the Jews of America
    The "Holocaust industry" in the USA certainly exists and has consistently used Holocaust as a political lever with every US administration since WW2. It is responsible for devaluing the lessons of the Holocaust as a result and also for carrying out self-perpetuating activities in which 'the good of the survivors' is used to access funds which haven't always reached survivors. In Israel we haven't exactly covered ourselves in glory with the way we dealt with survivors and finances. BUT when a great film-maker embarks on the kind of project Stone is engaged with and describes it the way he has, then you cannot say the Holocaust industry deserves all the blame. That he trots out the now well publicised Meersheimer Walt contention that the Jews run US Mid-East foreign policy and adds the spicy suggestion that they run the US press too, is extremely worrying, if not because it's not substantiated. This is well beyond Stone's need to publicise an upcoming film by courting enough controversy to raise audience figures. Challenge the Holocaust industry - OK. Make ridiculous claims about a US wide Jewish press and power conspiracy - not OK. The question remains however, what is to be done about this? The answer isn't simple and Stone knows it.
  • 28.
    numbers in context…
    Look at the amount of Jews to Russians Pre WWII you have 168 million people in Russia and you have 13.3 million Jews in the whole world... Now there were 6 million Jews killed and around 23.9 million Russians killed; of which half were in the military... so that means the total percentage of Russians dead was 14.4 percent and even less when you remove military deaths... but take 6 and divide it by 13.3 and you have 45 percent of the worlds Jewry dead... the difference is the Russians had a army made to defend them... and the Jews had an army designed by the Nazi's SOLELY to kill them...
  • No, that's completely false
    The German army was NOT created or "designed" "solely" to kill Jews, don't be hyperbolic about it. Neither were Jews the main focus, Protestants, Gypsies, intellectuals and political enemies were second after Communists who Hitler feared & hated above all. Get over yourself.
  • No, that's completely false
    The German army was NOT created or "designed" "solely" to kill Jews, don't be hyperbolic about it. Neither were Jews the main focus, Protestants, Gypsies, intellectuals and political enemies were second after Communists who Hitler feared & hated above all. Get over yourself.
  • 27.
    The Holocaust has Never Been Properly Researched
    The fact that World War 2 was a tragedy, that had a terrible impact, on people all over the world, but especially Jews, Russians, Chinese, Japanese and Germans ... is fairly well known. But there are 'facts' that are totally in dispute. For example, taking the Jewish population in Europe in 1935, then subtracting the Jewish population in Europe, in 1945 ... and saying that therefore Hitler killed 6 million Jews, is a huge leap. There is no question that many Jews died in the camps, but what about Russians? Did more Jews or Russians get exterminated? These are things that have never been researched. The Russians suffered greatly in the camps and on the battlefield. But the way it has been portrayed, the uneducated would believe that Stalin and Hitler allied to kill Jews ... Because objective research of the holocaust has been impossible in America.
  • Another nonsensical post
    No one is preventing any "objective" research into the Holocaust. It is done all the time. Moreover I have never heard that Stalin and Hitler allied to kill Jews. So you have created a straw man to knock down. Stalin did persecute Jews on his own but this had nothing to do with Hitler. Also recent research suggests that more than 6 million may have been killed because many were not killed in camps at all. And what difference does it make if more Russians were killed than Jews -- putting aside the fact that there were Russian Jews? There was specifically a war of extermination against Jews.
  • Just because you are ignorant, doesn't mean the research hasn't been done
    The Holocaust, and the murder of the Russians has been researched extensively, and the documentation exists and has been analyzed--much of it from the Germans' own meticulous records of who they killed and where. To portray this as a simple substraction game as you do is the height of ignorance. Just do't foist it over as fact.
  • Bernie - How many Russian mothers children were gathered from their homes and sent to extermination camps?
  • Holocaust facts
    May I suggest you check the german archives. Every name and date of birth as well location are listed of all those murdered. I found at least 7 of my family among the listings. The nazis were very strict in maintaining good records. Please add all names.
  • Russian pisoner of war
    There have much been stating about Russian POW and that they was killed in various camps. Being a young seaman a few years after the war heard my shipmates including female tell me of Russian POW working on our neutral ships and used to scavenge the contents of drums, filled with discarded foodstuff, hanging in the stern the stern
  • 26.
    The Zionists deceived the world.
    I’m not a historian to give my verdict about the holocaust but I believe that the Zionists are preventing any kind of free debate about this subject which most likely will lead to delegitimizing the racist state of Israel which was established by Jewish immigrants at the expense of the native Palestinians. The Sympathy with the Jewish people made the world keep silent when they committed their crimes against the Palestinians. Otherwise how the world will support them if there is no such stories? Americans must have free media. God bless Palestine
  • as you say m you are not a historian
    The Zionist movement is far before WW II and many jewish people immigrated to Israel before it, buying land from arab citizens to found communities and live there. Tel Aviv,Petah Tikva and many other communities were founded in the 19th century. Racist were the arabs who did not want to accept other then muslims in this territory. YOU HAVE TO LEARN MUCH instead of reading arab propaganda
  • Racist state?
    Have you ever been to Israel? There are more people of different races living here than just about any other country. You make the absurd statement that the Zionists deceived the world, yet you back it up with nothing. And, by the way, there is no country named Palestine.
  • well the first crime against the Jewish state were the Arabs attacking Israel in 1948
    the UN , partition divided the land for 2 states one Jewish, one Arab and btw Jews had been in Israel for about 3000 years, the refugees from the holocaust came later before and after WW2 Call it fate, luck or Gods will but the 7 Arab armies lost in 1948 against a small but united Jewish guerrela army.
  • Max
    Blumenthal called it out. Haaretz hates him so they won't punish this comment. Maxblumenthal.com (read into the archives too). It's the final response..what is yours?????
  • debate?
    I find it amusing that the only historical event that people want to "debate" is the Holocaust, despite the OVERWHELMING evidence that it happened, and the number of dead is accurate. Why don't you debate slavery in the US? Then you'll see what a true lobby can do.
  • one true line
    you are not a historian indeed
  • 25.
    Scary Oliver
    If you justifiy Hitler attitude in relation to Jews, searching historical reasons for that, there is no word to qualify you, but antisemite. Hitler was not a normal dictator like Castro, Kim il Sung or Ahmedinejad. No historical reason can justify what he did. There is a big difference in killing Jews, gays, gypsis, on one side, and civilians of an enemy state on the other side. None is justified but on the second case you can search for the historical reasons for that. Not the first one. Killing German Jews, for instance, is a pure and complete manifestation of antisemitism and try to justify that makes you a antisemite. It´s scary that a personality like Stone opens this debate and receives such a number of enthusiasts. The Holocaust has nothing to do with Israel. Most of those who died were not Zionists. They never endorsed the Yishuv. They prefered to be citizens of their countries. If Stone cretated this debate because of the hate for Israel, in the end, he is contributing to stenghten the idea of Israel as a safe haven for Jews since Jews in the diaspora continue to be demonized. The numers of the Holocaust were not given by Jews,nor Americans, but by the statistics of cities before and after the war. It´s simple mathematics whose numbers were provided by burocrats in Poland, Germany, Greece. No other event in History has been more studied than the Holocaust. The sources are open to everyone to discuss it. If Stone claim the US cannot discuss it, why the former USRR or the European countries - according to Stone, not subjected by Jewish lobbies - all confirm the numbers currently accepted of 6 million? Oliver Stone is more antisemite, a person desperately needing for fame and a debate to promote himself. In the end, he is kinda of a criminarl for lending his reputation to this disgusting debate.
  • 24.
    Mr. Hitler shows up and...
    Nobody convinces me that Mr. Hitler shows up one day and convinces 80 million Germans plus some additional several million Europeans to wipe out 6 million Jews just like that. Especially since these murdered were not only Jews but Jewish co- citizens and neighbors. There is nothing wrong, in my opinion, to analyze and demonstrate the events which led to this horror. It will not diminish the suffering caused nor diminish the responsibility of the present German generations (not that they ever ran away from it) but it will show how such evil can occur by means of propaganda, economic hardship, controlled media and internal violence. Let’s not forget that the good old USA was sold on a war in Iraq on false pretenses, despite a free news media and internet. So, let’s not forget but let’s understand and do something about it. Enough stuff has happened since and is happening today.
  • Exellent post Judy.
    But, us humans do not learn from history....we should, but don´t.
  • well said
    I agree with your statement. However, Holocaust "debate" is usually a euphemism for "it never happened". At this point in time, it is stupid to deny the Holocaust. It would be like questioning the existence of slavery in the US. If I were to do that, would not the Black Lobby (and everyone else) come down on me and prevent further "debate"? I could hem and haw about the oppression of free speech, but in the end, I'd be the one in the wrong. If the Holocaust was truly funded by external (non-German) forces, then that should be investigated. However, given the history of Jews in Europe, it is NOT unbelievable that the Jews of Germany were targeted by an xenophobic group.
  • you are right it only took 5 years. by 1938-39, the policy was in
    place. the Problem the Germans had, most of the 80million and their counter parts in other Euro countries, is that they couldn't kill fast enough until the final solution in 1941-42. But how and why they did it is documented in millions of words in every langyage
  • responsibility of the present German generations
    For what may I ask? If there are any Germans alive today who did participate in the crimes of WWII they are old and senile and not able to influence anything. May I ask for HOW LONG and WHY Germans will be held "responsible"?
  • 23.
    25/30 millions versus 5,933,900
    Some commentaries are miserable and revolting. Oliver Stone made many in this interview that puzzled me. To compare war II casualties and said: Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than the Jewish people, it blew my brains out. At the end of the WWII, 67% (5,933,900) of the total 8,861,800 European Jews had gone up in smoke, literally for most of them. They were not Military Deaths or Civilian Deaths; they were exterminated like bugs without a “chance” to be involved in the war campaign to save their lives. Should we remind that Poland was left with -16.1% / 16.7% of its citizens (which most of them also were victims of an ethnic cleansing policy) or Lithuania -14.7% or the Gypsies which percentage of WWII losses is equivalent of the European Jews (Source Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_II_casualties#endnote_USSR and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Holocaust .). Those percentages do not want to minimize the WWII death toll/casualties of the Soviet Union (at that time) which was 14% of its entire population. The damage of that Frankenstein Policy is still present in many European Towns, in the “leftover” of families who suffered from this Ethnic Cleansing Policy and World History. Oliver Stone plays with numbers and with this kind of game 350 000 Lithuanian Deaths and the 5,933,900 Jews do not mean anything compare to 25/30 millions Russians… Are we taking about “in context”??? Oliver Stone should apology to the Jews who dominate of the media that, maybe without them, he will not be the director he is today.
  • shut up
    go back to sleep
  • How about 200+ million
    The Jews weren't the only groups to be done away with. The Gypsies lost way more, around 90%. The Czech peoples were also considered inferior but the industrial importance saved them for the time. Leningrad was systematically starved to death. 1.5 million which surpasses Auschwitz. And the other half would have met the same fate as well as the Slavic peoples.
  • The Holocaust: A crime against humanity
    The tragedy of the Holocaust is that in 2010 it is considered a crime against Jews. It was a crime against humanity. Being extra nice to Jews is not the way to atone for the crimes of World War II. We atone by vowing never again to be racist, never again to torture, never again to murder, never again to occupy and colonise.
  • What about all of the European civilization who supported the Holocaust industry?
  • Sophia got it right!
    Very simple and to the point! AMEN! All should listen
  • Never?
    What if we just torture and murder and occupy and colonize the bad people, that would be OK, wouldn't it? You know, the people not like us?
  • WWII, 67% (5,933,900) of the total 8,861,800
    Where did you get this numbers ? You can't study the sybject without being labeled antisemite , Yad Vashem's list shows slightly over 3 million victims despite Germany's Archives are open for seach for years ,...
  • Whining
    This is what you guys in Israel are good for...for stealing from the weak and whining about wrongs done to you by Germans...whom u have been busy ripping off as well. Not one tear for gypsies or the Russians...heartless lot
  • So let's get clear on some things....
    All we hear is how bad Hitler was and how much Jews suffered during WWII. Why we never hear about "Stalin's willing executioners" responsible to the great extent for the extermination of up to 20 million Russians BEFORE THE WAR!
  • Sophia, you are absolutely correct! How ironic the..
    "vowing never again to be racist, never again to torture, never again to murder, never again to occupy and colonise."... How ironic then, OF ALL PEOPLE, the Israelis are doing just that in Palestine!!!
  • Atonement for monopolising jobs in the Television industry
    I promise to atone for being a realist, if they stop giving 8 out of 10 jobs to a jew. Deal? !
  • 22.
    i knew this comparison was coming. the 25-30 million russians
    were killed primarily in combat or, starved in prisoner of war camps or revenge for partisan, guerrilla attacks, like my Polish relatives who fought with the Polish partisans and then went to Israel and the US. Had Hitler won Russians as Slavs would have been slave labor. Lets face it the Russian military strategy in both ww1 and ww2, until they fell back to the URALS was to throw masses of soldiers in virtual suicide attacks against a highly mechanized Nazi force. The Jews were to have another fate: the complete extermination of every Jew on the face of the earth. No other group was so marked for destruction as part of a states policy but the Jews. that's what makes the Holocaust the Holocaust and the most memorable part of WW2. in fact at the end of the war Hitler diverted vital resources to keep the death camps going, it became the only policy still enforced by the Nazi regime, even though the war was lost. to sum it up: Had Hitler won , there would have been Russians in the world as slaves, but not one Jew alive on the entire planet
  • Killing is killing is it not?
    Why is it that only the Big H is deemed worthy of being stigmatised as 'evil'? I think the 10-15 million Ukrainians killed in the Holodomor, on Stalin's instructions, or the perhaps 50 million tribals killed in the Americas by te European conquerors merit equal attention and respect. In Auschwitz as I understand it the official notice now reads '1.5 million' not 3 million. our reality of history changes with new information. Only those with emotional attachments to past illusions wish to prevent reality from intruding. At least like Oliver Stone let us try to keep an open mind.
  • 21.
    Stone---Psuedo Intellectual Moron !!!!!
    This man should move to cuba or iran, he is so smart ,he is stupid. Just because gentiles do not care to force people to remember the Holocaust, stone wants to minimize it and what happened to Jews. Most gentiles or russians do not even know how many died in WW2, which means they don't care like Jews care. Jews were targeted to be wiped out, the russians were not. Plus most russians, polocks and other gentiles turned on their Jewish populations .
  • 20.
    well nazis acted because of the indifference of all countries.who were happy that someone did what they did not dare to do. but , no one knows better than jews what happened and no one can compare the jewish percecution and suffering to any of the palestinians difficult situation. they have all arabs to take care of them (If they really care) Jews were alone as always . the 6.000.000 souls who perished in the holocaust did not have weapons , not even stones.they did not have un or activists to fight for them. they died and with them gone went our childhood and all is left is the will to fight for our existence , no matter what our ennenies say. they have invented a new way of fighting us , and is called antizionism, antiisrael. but we say to them:AM ISRAEL HAI!
  • 19.
    Oliver Stone
    I saw Stone on HBO w/ Bill Maher. They are both are half-Jews, both liberals, but what is the difference in seeing the Jewish life. Maher is the defender of Jewish couse, and Stone is accusing Jews in all World problems. It is idiotic to compare WWII loses: Jews lost 30% of their population and Russians only 10% (including 2 millions Jews). Even Germans lost 15%. I do not beleive Stone is anti-Semite. I think he is not very itnellengent and just trying hard to show his liberal veiw, so nobody accuse him of being Jew sympatazer.
  • Stone has no credibility
    When Stone came out with his JFK movie , he lost a lot of credibility. That movie was mostly fiction, so I dont expect much from his forthcoming movie he hints at. Too bad !
  • 18.
    Russians, Nazis, Hitler
    "Russians suffered more from the Nazi's" A nation of 120 + million individuals lost nearly 30 million. The Jews of Europe numbered barely 15 million, of which 6 million were killed. Percentages are what matter, not numbers. Another point is that Russians died at the hands of Stalin during the war with his strategy of "keep the men coming" At one point the German high command would describe Russian attacks on the Eastern Front as a "masses of bodies, some barely armed, some barely clothed, running at our lines to be killed like dogs - only to be killed by their commanders for turning back."
  • Percentages are what matter, not numbers? Inscribe that on their tombstones.
  • 17.
    I so agree with him
  • Re: SDHD
    Why do you feel like you have to insult everybody who disagrees with you?
  • insults
    and at such an adolescent level
  • Stone is right
    Most of the media is owned by jews therefore critics against israel or the debate about the holocaust have been suppressed.
  • 16.
    Oliver Stone
    I guess that a movie on the Shoah is out of question for Stone; quite a befitting name at that. He's just looking for a new controversy. I would say more, but I would be wasting my time even more.
  • Why should Stone have to make a film about the Holocaust?
    And why must Planet Earth accept the official version of The Holocaust as gospel?
  • Bible is the Gospel and look at Islam.
    another perversion of history and they're take on a violent gawddd who promotes death and destruction.
  • @ Petra
    My point exactly you are not allowed to discuss anything other than the 'official' line Israel and the ADL pumps out. Hence my use of the term 'Gospel' Religious nutjobs don't allow you to question that either. It's the 'official' version or prison. Why is that?
  • He shouldn't
    And you shouldn't either. If there was ever something you shouldn't do is badmouth the Shoah, but people like you always find a way to do it. Bravo! You simply show your lack of everything decent.
  • Where exactly have I bad mouthed the Shoah/Holocaust?
    All i have stated is that there is an 'official' version of history and any attempt at questioning that 'official narritive of how? who? when? and how? immediately brings a sword of damecles down on your head. Why is that? Why are we not allowed to discuss the lessons that should be inferred from what happened in Europe in the 30's and 40's? Something to hide?
  • the roots go back many centuries
    ...and, sadly, current insensitive Israeli policies and actions do nothing but confirm the accuracy of some of the worst anti-semitic... stereotypes
  • the reason......
    the reason we are not allowed to discuss the lessons that should be inferred from what happened in Europe is that if we do, we will come to conclusions that are anti-zionist.!!!!!!
  • 15.
    Let me see if I get Stone's point
    Stone himself says that Hitler killed 25-30 milliion Russians. He then says that Hitler is a scapegoat and needs to be understood. Is this a guy you sounds like he's given much lucid thought to this.
  • Well, you certainly don't!
    You misconstrue his words right off the bat. I suggest we wait and see his new movie. There is a huge hole in the history between WWI and WWII.
  • 14.
    Prescott Bush and E.Roland Harriman funded the Nazis'
    The point Stone makes is VALID. Where did the $ come from to build the NAZI WAR MACHINE? The people who FUNDED HITLER are just as guilty, and is as important to understand as Hitler himself. In 1942 Union Banking Corp. was among 4 companies confiscated by the US gov under the trading with the enemy act because it was a Nazi front bank. Among its owners were Prescott Bush & E. Roland Harriman. Prominent US, European, and British bankers, including some prominent Jews (Harriman) financially backed the Nazis: http://tarpley.net/online-books/george-bush-the-unauthorized-biography/chapter-2-the-hitler-project/ Here's is what Max Warburg had to say about it: Max Warburg replied on March 27, 1933, assuring his American sponsors that the Hitler government was good for Germany: “ For the last few years business was considerably better than we had anticipated, but a reaction is making itself felt for some months. We are actually suffering also under the very active propaganda against Germany, caused by some unpleasant circumstances. These occurrences were the natural consequence of the very excited election campaign, but were extraordinarily exaggerated in the foreign press. The Government is firmly resolved to maintain public peace and order in Germany, and I feel perfectly convinced in this respect that there is no cause for any alarm whatsoever. ” On March 29, 1933, two days after Max’s letter to Harriman, Max’s son, Erich Warburg, sent a cable to his cousin Frederick M. Warburg, a director of the Harriman railroad system. He asked Frederick to “ use all your influence ” to stop all anti-Nazi activity in America, including “ atrocity news and unfriendly propaganda in foreign press, mass meetings, etc. ” Frederick cabled back to Erich: “ No responsible groups here [are] urging [a] boycott [of] German goods[,] merely excited individuals. ” Two days after that, On March 31, 1933, the American-Jewish Committee, controlled by the Warburgs, and the B’nai B’rith, heavily influenced by the Sulzbergers (New York Times), issued a formal, official joint statement of the two organizations, counseling “ that no American boycott against Germany be encouraged, ” and advising “ that no further mass meetings be held or similar forms of agitation be employed. ”
  • funding Hitler
    we are talking 1933. At that thime all we knew was Htler's Mein Kampf and who would hae believed that a demented individual would be able to carry out the many crimes he and his helpers committed.
  • business
    Of course american companies made business with the nazi regime, simply because they were the rising power in a big market, backed also by german industry and big money. Not hard for them to choose between radical nationalism and communism, the choices of that time. I seriously doubt that Stone's movie, if there will be one, will reveal anything new, for the history of the nazi party and the ensuing world war / holocaust are probably the worlds best researched and documented events of modern history. I suggest Mr. Stone to visit some of the former death-camps in Poland and Germany.
  • 13.
    he is right
    How come one cannot say such things, which are true and proven (eg number of dead) without being immediately attacked by the lobby ?
  • 12.
    He must have really some courage to say that considering how influential Jewish lobby is in US. I remember many people lost their jobs just because they expressed their free thoughts about Israel - PA conflict.
  • Courage, nyet
    Name one then!
  • really?
    "just because they expressed their free thoughts about Israel - PA conflict" ?? please name one person
  • I will name two!
    White House Correspondent Helen Thomas and CNN Middle East editor Octavia Nasir.
  • Gokhan
    Who exactly lost their jobs because they expressed free thought about Israel PA conflict ... America is not Nazi Germany where you can lose everything because you disagree with the state or the position it takes on things. As for that idiot stone he not taking on the jewish lobby or anybody else because he is not a politician. He is just an ordinary individual who is an anti semite .... the truth doesn't come out about the holocaust because the jews control the media, the Russians suffered more than the jews, Hitler had reasons for all these things he did. The idea Hitler was a Frankenstein but there was also a Frankenstein to sounds to me like he is calling Hitler the victim. in the Frankenstein story the monster is a victim as well as the killer .... is he now saying Hitler was a victim. Stone is an anti semitic Nazi apologizing nobody who made a couple of good movies like Platoon and is now a washout.
  • How about Norman Finkelstein?
    just for starters.
  • The answer is:
    Octavia Nasr, Michael Sheuer, James Traficant, etc.
  • I will name two!
    This is the second time I am trying to post a reply. Helen Thomas, oldest active member of the White House Press Corps and Octavia Nasr, senior editor for Middle Eastern affairs. Actually US is worse than Nazi Germany if you are not a Pro-Israeli. The main-stream media is directed by Jewish lobby and most of the ordinary US citizens never get a chance to hear the other side of the story.
  • Gokhan - I have a few questions to you
    1. Do you believe that a Jewish Holocaust ever happened? 2. Do you believe that some righteous Turks like Selahattin Ulkumen saved the lives of Jews who would otherwise be sent to Hitler's gas chambers? If your answers are 'yes I believe' then you disagree with Oliver stone. But if y9our answers are 'no' then don't ever claim that Turks saved Jews since you don;t believe that the holocaust never existed.
  • Helen Thomas remarks
    Helen Thomas said that all the jews shoud leave israel . when asked to where she said back to poland or germany(back to the concentration camps basicly) USA is a friend of Israel how would you feel if a official representative of our goverment (she wah a member of the white house press corps) would say that all americans shoud get to hell of amerika and get back to vitenam or england? (thats still a bad exmaple because americans dont have the same strong connections to the usa and as Israei's have to the and of Israe)
  • Helen Thomas is the latyest I remember..
    You asked for one name.. I have more thought. Will provide them one at a time if you want.
  • Courage
    You're all correct as well as wrong. There is a pretty strong Jewish lobby and it does influence foreign policy, especially towards the ME, and of course most of the mainstream media is Jewish owned, but I wouldn't go as far as to say there is no debate. Firstly, even within the "Jewish" community there is huge diversity of opinions, and secondly, criticism, even if mild, has surfaced even there. Then there is the power of the internet. As far as Stone is concerned I do not believe he's anti-Semitic, but he certainly loves whipping up controversy, the bigger the better. And you can't get much bigger than this ...
  • Hello DavidIsrael, my old friend..
    1. Yes, I believe Jewish Holocaust happened. 2. Yes, I know that some righteous Turks like Selahattin Ulkumen, Behiç Erkin, Necdet Kent, etc.. saved the lives of Jews. However, Oliver Stone did not say Holocaust never happened. He just emphasized that Jewish control of the US media is preventing an open discussion of the Holocaust. I also believe that the numbers of the Jewish people who were killed in Holocaust are exaggerated. And Oliver Stone is complaining about how Jewish lobby gets frustrated when someone in US says what I say just now. Isn't it possible to discuss numbers? Isn't it possible to discuss how zionists use this holocaust to make an excuse to kill Palestinians and Turks? It is not according to Jewish lobby in US.
  • What "controversy" is there to say "Jewish people cause me troubles"? I'd say this is pretty much mainstream. Mel Gibson & police?
    You don't have to admit, but if this is not Anti - Semitic than what is? The ostritch policy of Christian community about rampant Anti - Semitism is too 20th century...
  • Gokhan's martyrs in the name of free speech
    Check your facts - 1) Helen Thomas gave an anti-semitic tirade, not a commentary on the Israeli-Palestinian problem; 2) Octavia Nasr also was commenting on a Hezbollah cleric, not on the Israel-Palestinian problem - although I think she was unfairly treated, but not because of the way you portray them!
  • Gohan so it is a matter of numbers to you.
    As you depict it if the numbers are not exaggerated and it is less then 6 million Jews killed then it was not such a bad thing is that what you are saying? WW II is not a very old event. I still have one survivor of Auschwitz relative (deported from Rhodes) living in Belgium. I have another relative who fought in the USA army as a code breaker who had first hand experience in it. All is written and well documented. Don't forget that Turkey invaded Cyprus over much less then 6 million Turks killed in the Island. Shyall we also start discussing openly this incident? The mass graves of Greek civilians found in north Cyprus last year?
  • Distortation
    David, stop distorting what I am saying. I did not say it was not such a bad thing, neither did Oliver. It was one of the worst thing that ever happened. I respect the deads in Holocaust. But zionists do not have the right use this as an excuse to kill Palestinians or Turks. I do not respect that! By the way, the Cyprus Peace Operation, military code named Atilla, can be discussed freely in every platform unlike Holocaust.
  • Re: Jeff
    Telling Israelis to go back to Europe is anti-semitic? Really? I think that you should be the one who is supposed to check his facts. So you admit that firing Octavia Nasr was too much just because he commented on the most moderate leader of Hezbollah cleric. And how can you claim that it is not a Israel - Palestinian problem. Please be reasonable.
  • that is the point Jeff
    anything critical of Israel offical word or holocaust is taken as anti semitc... this word has been thrown at people so much that its useless now... semitic people also includes Arabs have u seen Fox News.. if I had a cent for everytime Fox News calls an Arab a terrorist i would be buying Fox News... isn't it true that most of the people living as jewsih israelis were born not in israel but claiming their supposed rights from 2000 years ago... ur foreign minister livesin an illegal settlement from Russia... most living jews in isreali are from USA, Britian, Russia, Germany, Poland... that is not anti semitism but a fact ... like i breath oxygen for live
  • Helen Thomas is Lebanese, and was 30 when Israel was Created, and about 50 when the Palestinians got expelled to Lebanon
    So of course her opinion is that the Jews coming to Palestine, displacing the Palestinians, which then resulted in friction and civil war in Lebanon until 1992, was a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with here having that opinion, and remembering, that the Jews that settled Palestine, decided to make the Lebanese, her nation, take care of the Palestinians.
  • to Gokhan
    Gokhan, if you feel there's an exaggeration in terms of the numbers, why not to take a trip to ANY town in Poland or Ukraine - there's definitely a place where Nazis killed Jewish people in every town. Kiev, Odessa, Donetsk, Warshaw, Lviv - any eastern european town occupied by Nazis had its Jewish citizens who did not run away from Nazis killed.
  • No one is using it as an excuse to kill
    Israel did no go out hunting Turks using Holocaust as an excuse. They did not want to kill anyone. they were exercising their sovereignty over the Gaza shore that was given to Israel under a 1992 agreement by the PA. IHH (and its supporter AKP Government) did not listen to the early warnings before the flotilla started to sail, continued to ignore all the following warnings then attempted to stop the ships peacefully. All other ships surrendered peacefully except the one under IHH control. Even the caotain of the Mavi marmara admitted that a group of about 30 to 50 boarded the ship separately smuggling disk cutters and using them to cut the steel from the boat 2 hours prior to the IDF landing. About the mass graves found in North Cyprus: When will there be an official inquiry? It is almost a year that they were found. So far I haven't heard any discussions. And I rad Turkish media in and out.
  • and another...
    the former leader of 'MOVEON'
  • Helen Thomas & Octavia Nasir
    They lost their job because being journalists their employer could not allow partisans to report the news in a neutral way. If they expressed pro-Israel,they would also be fired by CNN etc
  • The rules of debate are.............
    if you are Jewish you can say nasty things about AIPAC and Jewish control of the US media. If you are not Jewish and say such things you are labeled as an anti-Semite and can loose your job.
  • 11.
    Facts are anti-semitic
    It's not so much that jews don't admit to controlling the media. They just don't like it when someone has something NEGATIVE to say about it. If Oliver Stone was praising the Jews of Hollywood then everything would be fine.
  • 10.
    Oliver Stone and Jewish Media
    Good for him. Now le's see the Jewish media try to destroy him because these are fighting words to these Zionist meatheads. They, the Zionist media, have so many lies and falsehoods about the holocaust to defend it will make their heads spin trying to stop all the truths that come out do to open debate. Good for Oliver Stone.
  • 9.
    The holocaust has been debated
    People have refuted the "official gospel" many times, and they were refuted by sound historical investigation from independent historians all over a period of decades. It was one of the most well-documented genocides in world history, mostly because the Nazis themselves kept such effective records. So I apologize if I refuse to be shaken to my core by some hysterical ninny of a filmmaker with a passing interest in the controversial. Sure, we would all do well not to let Hitler become our only model of "evil" but sometimes the devil really doesn't need an advocate, he does well enough on his own.
  • Wow look at all the thunmbs down...
    to a rational, completely true comment...there sure is a lot of anti-Semites on this commentary!
  • 8.
    I am speaking as someone who truly dislikes Oliver Stone.
    I would like someone to tell me what Mr. Stone said that was untrue. American industrialists did provide support to Hitler before and during the war, enabling him to commit the Holocaust. AIPAC is one of the strongest lobbies in the US and is extremely vigilant about publicizing anything critical of Israel. More Russians were killed in the war than any group other than the Slavs and the Chinese. He has not denied the Holocaust. He has not said anything anti-semitic. Please tell me the factual errors and why people are so upset.
  • The shareholders own the US media.Saudis have billions invested there.
    US Media executives come from all groups. The relations between GW Bush and the Saudis could not be more cosy. Unlike the Jews Hitler did not set out to eliminate all Russians just conquer and enslave the" Slav untermentshen" so both you anfd he are missing the point. There are lies of ommission and commission the results are much the same
  • I am speaking as someone who truly likes Oliver Stone's work
    but I find his comments purely anti-Semitic in a classic sense. Jews control the media ? You can say that Jews are very prominent in media as they are prominent in entertainment, finance, law, medicines, research in social activism and just about any other important industry. Does this mean that Jews collectively control the world ? How anti-Semitic is that ?
  • I am speaking as someone who couldn't care less.
    Which is why I would like to see Stone's next Project take the Form of a Cartoon of the life of Mohamed. I think maybe Tom Cruise would be a suitable contender for the main role as the voice of the "Profit" Any 21st Century criticism why this is a bad idea?
  • I agree with you Peter, that Stone is wrong when he says the media in the states is controlled by Jews.
    There is, however, a real reluctance on the part of mainstream media in the states to publish anything critical of Israel. I also agree that Hitler set about to eliminate all the Jews. I don't believe Stone said differently. He is just pointing out that more people from other countries were killed than the 6 million Jews. That is a numerical fact and one that gets virtually no attention from the world at large. What I get from the article is that Stone is trying to put the war into some and not just see it through the eyes of the victors (the Allies) or the victims of the Holocaust. Looking at what happened is an essential part of preventing it from happening again.
  • "Mohamed cartoon"?Stone knows he could have his throat cut,have a fatwa issued against him etc .That's why he is a hero when it comes to criticisng Jews
    Likewise for the rabid mob who come here.They would never have the chance to spray anything like the vitriol they do against Israel/Jews,about Arabs/Moslems,in any Arab media . In fact very few countries would publish the incitement that is daily fare her.
  • Reno There is a great difference
    Many people died as a consequence of the war but Jews and Gypsies were gathered into concentration camps deliberately and exterminated because they were considered to bu none arian, sub human. If you can not see this great difference then you probably don't want to see it deliberately. Also remember how Hitler and Nazis were embarrassed when African American Athletes were successful in Berlin Olympics. If you still understand the difference then you are hopeless.
  • Idiiotic
    Where is the corelation between what stone said and Mohammad's cartoon - Idiot - if can't say something sensible - than shut up. Moron
  • Communist, Jewish and Gipsy, gay, black, inval`id ( with stress on last syllables, in America they are called disabled ) and people who have mental disease.
    According to one of the works on German history during Nazi time, they killed people with mental disease first. All of them. And now we have US administration arguing for something like "death with dignity" and Mr. Stone has an issue with Jewish control of media. He might be a good movie maker, but he sure isn't a fair guy to put it mildly.
  • Mr Sam. You want the correlation?
    The correlation is, "Stoned to death" and "Correlation", is spelled with 2R's. "If can't say something sensible-than shut up" makes NO sense in any language.
  • Reno. The music....just hear the tone
    It is more important than anything else. Facts: Jews were singled out as a people that has to be exterminated. This is the most important innovation of Nazism. Wars, mass killings, ...nothing new. However, singling up a grouping for extermination,...for racist reasons ...is an innovation The great industry supported Hitler that is true. Nothing comapres however to the diabolic plan of extermination .
  • You the Moron if you didnt get that
    Isnt it obvious that Mr Stone would not bad mouth Arab Muslims...but Israel is a soft target for him as he will not get a fatwa but at the same time get some notoriety which he seem to yearns for .
  • 7.
    He has a point, although not the one intended
    It is very convenient for Europe to put all the blame on the Holocaust on Nazi racism. First the "racism" purifies the European churches which (in contrast with the churches in the U.S.A.) promoted the idea that Jews - and not the Romans - killed Jesus. Second, the Nazi regime is also very convenient in letting all forget that virtually all Europe knew and took part. It also permitted to ride on the "German economy horse" up to this day: "you Germans better work for us if you want to be reenter in the community of nations". It is also convenient for the Israeli left-wing who tells us that "there was never real antisemitism, there was only racism, and today people are only against the occupation, not against Jews". The point is that the Holocaust was not only the wish of the Nazis, and not only the wish of Germany, but the wish of all Christian Europe.
  • 6.
    Holocaust films
    it seems that each year, there is a movie about the Holocaust, it feels like the Jews look at it as a celebration, because without it, there wouldn't be an Israel today.
  • Disagree
    Because movies always glamorize things even if they're terrible and unthinkable. The media skews everything and makes it fit for a movie with fake stories and skewed facts about what actually happened. And Israel isn't exactly wanted by every Jew...also, it is constantly fighting with Palestine and the rest of the Arab world. Who would have wanted that??
  • Zionism predates the Holocaust
    The Zionist movement began in the late 19th century and the Holocaust occurred over 50 years later. Your assertion ignores this fundamental fact.
  • Hirz
    George Lucas keeps churning out Indiana Jones and Star wars films the reason for this is not politics its the fact that people will be willing to go pay see it. Other movie makers wouldn't be making all these Holocaust movies if they didnt think there was a market. So if people and not willing to go pay and see another Holocaust film they just won't make them because at the end of the day in 99% of occasions the motive is how much money will I make from this film not I am doing this based on principles.
  • 5.
    What a piece of dog crap
    Wow and to think I actually admired this guys work, I am going to send all my Stone DVD's back to the Store that buys Used DVD's, I don't care if they give me a nickel for all of them
  • so your saying u do not approve this film without even seeing it?
    maybe u can have it shut down before anyone else learns some truth about the jews. lol i personally can't wait to see it then i will have something to say about it. but then again i'm sure the jews will have it shut down here in canada and i'll have to go through black markets to get it.
  • and what is the truth?
    In case things ever get bad for the Jews again Lets hope people like Oliver Stone receive payback regardless, the Jews will never allow another holocaust to take place, they are loaded with WMDs in Israel, and they will take down the world with them if it ever got to that point
  • 4.
    Shame on you, Stone.
  • ?
    Why is that so? Explain yourself!
  • 3.
    You can deny and discuss GOD, you wont go to jail, but if you discuss or deny Holocaust you go to jail, that Jewish complete controll
  • Horrible Point
    God is not proven, therefore debatable. The holocaust is documented, therefore not debatable.
  • GOD and STONE
    In a free country you can deny God if you can't prove it. But if you deny somethig like the holocaust that has been proven over and over again and you deny it, then go to jail and stay there. Yes.
  • History set in Stone
    You must be kidding. Every historical event is always being studied and written about as more "truth/fact" becomes known. The holocaust has become a type of "religion" that is now dogma and cannot be challenged or questioned. Talk to a Jew about BabiYar and you are told 35,000 Jews were killed, talk to a true historian and you will find that 100,000 to 120,000 died there. Apparently 65,000 -85,000 lives do not count because they were not Jewish but are in fact part of the history ignored in the Jewish centered version of it.
  • Watch the anti-Semites...
    Spew their anti-Semitism on a website from the one and only Jewish country. They blather that Jews are obsessed with themselves, meanwhile, they're the ones obsessed with Jews.
  • 2.
    If Germany Accepts It Killed 6 Million Jews and 10 Million Russians Who Is Anyone to Doubt? - However Debating the Holocaust is not about Numbers - It Could Lead to Condemning The Jewish Treatment of Palestinians! That's Why Jews Stifle Non-Jewish Holocaust Studies.
  • Jewish treatment of arabs.
    If Hitles Germany was treating jewish people the way th state of Israel is traeting the arab population of the Jdea . Samaria & Gasa, Hitler would be a jewish national hero! Can you imagine? The jewish populatoin grew 3 to 4 folds during Nazi occupation! Some people are simply to stupid to understand the difference!
  • Very Imaginative
    Very imaginative. Now, imagine for 10 minutes that you are Palestinian and write again.
  • 1.
    WW1 and WW2
    History always finds a way of catching up with us; why? Because we never learn from our mistakes of the past. In order TO learn we must investigate and try to understand how and what turn of events really led to the Holocaust of so many millions of people.
  • The War Declared in 1933 Against Germany
    Do a search for "Zionist Declare War Against Germany", and you will see that there were many dimensions that lead to World War II. The Zionist declared war against Germany in 1933.