AIPAC to deploy hundreds of lobbyists to push for Syria action

Pro-Israel lobby says 250 activists will meet with their senators and representatives in Washington in a bid to win support Congressional support for military action in Syria.

Obama AIPAC - AP - 22.5.11
U.S. President Barack Obama arriving at the AIPAC Conference dais for his keynote address on May 22, 2011. / Photo by AP
By Reuters
Published 19:33 07.09.13

The influential pro-Israel American Israel Public Affairs Committee will deploy hundreds of activists next week to win support in Congress for military action in Syria, amid an intense White House effort to convince wavering U.S. lawmakers to vote for limited strikes.

"We plan a major lobbying effort with about 250 activists in Washington to meet with their senators and representatives," an AIPAC source said on Saturday.

Congressional aides said they expected the meetings and calls on Tuesday, as President Barack Obama and officials from his administration make their case for missile strikes over the apparent use of chemical weapons by Syrian President Bashar Assad's government.

The vote on action in Syria is a significant political test for Obama and a major push by AIPAC, considered one of the most powerful lobbying groups in Washington, could provide a boost.

The U.S. Senate is due to vote on a resolution to authorize the use of military force as early as Wednesday. Leaders of the House of Representatives have not yet said when they would vote beyond saying consideration of an authorization is "possible" sometime this week.

Obama has asked Congress to approve strikes against Assad's government in response to a chemical weapons attack on Aug. 21 that killed more than 1,400 Syrians.

But many Republicans and several of Obama's fellow Democrats have not been enthused about the prospect, partly because war-weary Americans strongly oppose getting involved in another Middle Eastern conflict.

Pro-Israel groups had largely kept a low profile on Syria as the Obama administration sought to build its case for limited strikes after last month's attack on rebel-held areas outside Damascus.

Supporters of the groups and government sources acknowledged they had made it known that they supported U.S. action, concerned about instability in neighboring Syria and what message inaction might send to Assad's ally, Iran.

But they had generally wanted the debate to focus on U.S. national security rather than how a decision to attack Syria might help Israel, a reflection of their sensitivity to being seen as rooting for the United States to go to war.


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  • 22.
    Of course Israel or Israeli's don't want to do the actual fighting! I mean come on - have any of you read the quotes from "Rabbis" that claim their blood and fingernails are precious and closer to 'god' than any Goyim (aka Chattle) could ever be. I'm so tired of these Babylonian Talmudic followers. When does Jeremiah Chapter 8 come into play? You know when it says even the earth rejects the residue of this evil family?
  • 21.
    AIPAC , after years working in the dark is now out in the open for all americans to see.
    According to two polls reported this weekend by the Jerusalem Post, [10] Israelis by 7-1 do not want Israel to go to war with Syria. But two-thirds of Israelis favor the United States going to war with Syria. Israeli, Americas great ally---my foot.
  • 20.
    Its all over..OBAMA won ! AIPAC lost !
    I think Russian proposal related to Syrian chemical weapons was originally an OBAMA proposal to PUTIN over at G20 meeting. This means there will be no attack on Syria and eventual destruction of any Syrian chemical weapons may never take place. However, whichever party used these awful weapons must be punish.
  • Better for the Jews that the US not get involved. Let the Moslems kill each other.
  • 19.
    AIPAC should be registered as a foreign agent. US aid to israel is
    channeled back to AIPAC. So US taxpayer fund this jewish Looby, while congressmen get their free trips to israel and "contribution". Both Pennsylvania senators Casey and Toomey are AIPAC and jewish Looby lackies.
  • 18.
    O K Lets have at it
    OK ! i have decided an attack on syria by the U S would be the best thing which could happen in modern times. If the "response" by the civilized world is directed at those in Washinton D.C. and Israel, I don't think it would amount to a great lose to the rest of us. I will ask that this response be done by missles and bombers here in the U S . I do not want to see ground forces on American soil. I would get upset by this, as would most American citizens. Just take out the "trash".
  • If it's that easy, Israel can do it, alone. Go ahead, Israel! Show Uncle how it's done.
  • 17.
    AIPAC Push for War
    If AIPAC wants a war on Syria, shouldn't they be man enough to sign-up and go in first? Tired of American blood being spilled for an extremist racial / religious group whose main concern is outside the USA.
  • Couch zionists wouldn't lower themselves to making aliyah, much less spill a drop of THEIR kids' blood defending Israel.
  • 16.
    AIPAC and Israel will be the losers here.
  • 15.
    Democrats and Republicans are united on Syria. We do not want another war. I strongly resent being shoved around by Israel that we should fight a war for you. Fight your own war. We taxpayers have supplied you with an ample amount of warfare to do it yourselves. Leave the American taxpayers alone please. Some of us want peace. Why don't you?
  • 14.
    Peace 1st!
    Why? This is in defiance against the will of the American people, and common sense. If Israel wants to start a war, the IDF has its own armed forces, don't get my country broiled in this. No to war! Shalom
  • 13.
    Time for America to claim its independence back and ignore AIPAC.
  • 12.
    Hand me that tinfoil beanie, please.
    Yeah, the 'do it for Israel/do it for the jews' argument? I'm sooo done with it. Pass me the tinfoil beanie. I'm joining the anti-Zionist conspiracy theorists.
  • You can start here.
    Go to StormCloudsGathering on Youtube. Anything about current ME affairs involving the US, I think they've covered a lot of the "why" and "where this will take us". Spread the news about the channel, like the FB page, twitter, etc. Get more people awake.
  • 11.
    Infowars provides a fair overview of the spectrum of evidence & websites proving the "rebels" did it, not Assad
  • 10.
    AIPAC loses either way
    If AIPAC lobbies and wins then America will remember who sent them into a war they didn't want. If AIPAC loses they prove that they are losing their power.
  • 9.
    Misquoting David Ben Gurion, "AIPAK/SMAIPAK.
  • 8.
    Indirect intervention of Israel in Syria crisis and yet they claim that they are keeping out of Syrian affairs.
  • 7.
    The US Congress
    Which ever way AIPAC goes ....the US Congress goes
    History is so full of surprises; AIPAK may one day go down in flames. Who and what will it drag with it.
  • Not so much, lately. Some have already been retired or voted out, with more to come next election.
    Iraq II was Israel's LAST war at the expense of American lives.
  • 6.
    AIPAC activists
    Gotta love the description "AIPAC activists". If they were Palestinians or Bedouins, in Israel, trying to influence Israeli politics in this manner, I'm sure they would be called terrorists. Oh, the irony.
  • 5.
    CNN supports slaughter
    Meanwhile in the United States, the CNN is running a horror show of government issue chemical war casualty videos shot in Syria and blamed, although not directly, on the Assad government. CNN however, rarely -- almost never -- shows such ugly casualty videos and images when the victims, especially children, are the result of Israeli bombardment and attack of Palestinian lands. And there are many available and shot by professional freelance journalists: many, many videos and images of these Palestinian dead, injured and mutilated victims. I hate to say it, but I guess the American and Western media think it is okay for the side armed and funded by the USA to commit atrocities.
  • If you do not know, countries through their media shows what they want their people see and therefore believe !
  • CNN is not anymore on my channels list, very one sided and manipulative station.
    there are many more credible news stations to chose from.
  • 4.
    Bring on the AIPAC
    warmonger mob, they will meet their Waterloo. They need learn that the American people and the Congress will not support the "hard sell" for a Syrian war
  • Congress may not support the hard sell, but they will sell their vote.
  • 3.
    i bet you JNN will not cover this news as they often choose to ignore most of israel's organized crime
  • 2.
    I think
    This is more motivated by the wish to kill Arabs than the wish to help the Syrian people. What a bloodthirsty lot the APAIC is. And if they will get their way the result might be that Assad will focus more on sending missiles to Israel. Thanks to the APAIC!
  • The wish to kill Arabs
    Most Arabs shall be killed if nothing is done, and the civil war goes on for years.
  • Then, Israel, in her humanitarian concern needs to go in and fix it.
  • 1.
    dual loyalty
    from the same who defend Jonathan Pollard.