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Israel, U.S. carry out joint missile test in the Mediterranean

Russia had detected the launch of two ballistic 'objects' toward the sea, Russian media reported earlier; U.S. Navy earlier denied having any involvement in the launch.

A missile test launch in February.
A missile test launch in February. / Photo by Courtesy of Israel's Defe...
By Gili Cohen , Reuters and Jack Khoury
Published 13:38 03.09.13

Israel and the U.S. carried out a missile test in the Mediterranean sea on Tuesday, Israel's Defense Ministry said in a statement, amid rising tensions in the region over the crisis in Syria.

The confirmation came after morning reports indicated that Russia had detected two ballistic "objects" launched toward the eastern Mediterranean from the central part of the same and a U.S. denial that its navy had been involved. 

A ship in the Mediterranean. Illustrative.
A ship in the Mediterranean. Illustrative. / Photo by AFP

The Arrow III missile defense system was tested with a "sparrow" missile, which simulates a ballistic missile, and is launched from a plane, during the exercise.

The exercise was carried out from an Israel Air Force base in central Israel, the Defense Ministry said in the statement.  

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The Defense Ministry's statement contradicted those made earlier Tuesday by a spokesman for the U.S. Navy's European headquarters, who said it had not fired any missiles from ships in the Mediterranean. "No missiles were fired from U.S. ships in the Mediterranean," said the spokesman. He had no further comment.

The projectiles fell into the sea, a sources in Damascus was quoted as saying by the state-run Russian news agency RIA.

Russia's embassy in Syria said there was no sign of a missile attack or explosions in Damascus, according to the Itar-Tass news agency. A Damascus resident told Haaretz he hadn't heard anything that could indicate a strike on the capital had taken place. 

Syria's early warning radar system did not detect any missiles landing on Syrian territory either, according to a Syrian security source quoted by Lebanon's Al-Manar television on Tuesday.

The Interfax news agency quoted a ministry spokesman as saying the launch was detected at 10:16 A.M. Moscow time (0616 GMT) by an early warning radar station at Armavir, near the Black Sea, which is designed to detect missiles from Europe and Iran.

The agencies did not say who had carried out the launch and whether any impact had been detected. The ministry declined comment to Reuters.

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"The trajectory of these objects goes from the central part of the Mediterranean Sea toward the eastern part of the Mediterranean coast," Interfax quoted the ministry spokesman as saying.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had informed President Vladimir Putin of the launch.

A ministry official had earlier criticized the United States for deploying warships in the Mediterranean close to Syria.  


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  • 72.
    whose motives can we trust?
    After Iraq it is stunning to think that MY government thinks that they have credibility on the weapons of mass destruction intelligence that they are expecting us all to be so sure of. After what point do we know that the Russian government does what it can for Russia first and is not too interested in the higher principals? They have already told us point blank that what they care about is the letter of the international law and that Assad as a dictator does not worry them. And after everything else that the Israeli military has done how is any action they take now not-a-threat? Oakland, CA 94609
  • 71.
    Can't wait to see the mess America and Israel
    make in Syria...we are likely looking at the demise of both nations and whoever joins them. Assad was right about a powderkeg in the Middle East.
  • 70.
    Missile test.
    Well done Israel! keep the terror scum on their toes. Keep flexing, because their are those who wish do you harm if they could today. Time to get Iran too.
  • 69.
    Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt even Gaza's Palestinians also have an equal legal right to conduct missile tests in the Mediterranean ..right?
  • 68.
    It's been an ISRAELI test, the Americans weren't even informed.
  • israel doesn´t need to give any satisfaction to US.
    At the end of the day,AIPAC is there to give the orders.
  • And that is why the Navy denied they knew?
    Sure... They didn't know. Thus the denial?
  • And that is why the Navy denied they knew?
    American's didn't know.. even Americans in the Navy... /
  • 67.
    proves israel are like north korea - a threat.
  • 66.
    Assad has already moved his people
    into Mosques, Schools Hospitals and that first American bomb will blow hundreds of innocent Syrians to pieces..we're on the verge of a possible World War here and from where I'm standing in the UK no-one is hearing about the wounded Syrians receiving treatment in Israel, no-on is hearing that Hezbollah fired rockets into Israel, but this from Israel is a message, no-one will ever gas us again...
  • oh but you get to gas gaza and syria right?
  • 65.
    OK , thanks
    you made the Russians working !!
  • 64.
    missile test
    If anybody really wants to know what happened, just ask Snowden.
  • 63.
    Missle Test
    I hope the Israelis don't "accidently" hit one of our ships.
  • 62.
    More Provocation from the Obama Clan.
  • 61.
    US denial lies again, this stupidity can launch a war...
    Damn US hiding the truth once again no wonder Americans or any other country can't trust us!! Thank you RUSSIA!! Maybe they were duds?
  • 60.
    Are we N Korea now?
    Testing missiles amid high levels of tension? What are we now, N Korea?
  • Perhaps you weren't aware of the Syrian gov rhetoric
    a couple of night ago, "If America attacks us...we will attack Israel".
  • of course, israel have attacked syria, syria could strike back.
  • 59.
    Joint missile test
    as in the US pays for everything & the IDF stand and watch.
  • 58.
    Evaluating Syrian RADAR?
    Now Israel & the U.S.A. know how sensitive & accurate Syria's Russian-made & -operated RADAR is. If air-strikes become necessary, this will be useful data to have.
  • 57.
    Good Luck!
    I think this Rothschild creation AKA Israel needs to go it alone this time. Americans are catching on to the false flag proxy wars for profit. Good luck!
  • 56.
    Clearly, this site is being trolled.
    It's always amusing to see the anti-Israel activity here. The Death Cult of the Troglodytic Murder Monkeys of Allah has the support of useful idiots everywhere. Too bad liberal Israelis tolerate so many within their own borders.
  • since ?!
    since when israel or haaretz isnt ''democratic'' or, only some are right and rest is wrong?
  • 55.
    Be fair and bring those criminals to justice.
    So, when are George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Dick Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, Richard Addington and John Yoo going to be brought to JUSTICE? These WAR CRIMINALS must be brought to trial because they caved to israel and fought its wars against Arab and Muslim States.. They should be the ones sitting in the brig, not Bradley Manning.
  • 54.
    Israel, U.S. carry out joint missile test in the Mediterranean?
    That means that the two rogue state are ready to kill some more innocent Syrians. America didn't bomb Israel after Cast Lead. The totals, including children, are almost EXACTLY the same.
  • Correction.....Israel and the USA are not killing Syrians...your heroes of islam are killing them, but you already knew that
  • You really need to stop copy/pasting from the nasrala jihad manual, your comments are as far from reality, as islam is from peace
  • 53.
    idiots STILL pretending that muslims killing each other is somehow the fault of Israel and USA......its never a muslim/arab problem
  • Chicago noam exactly
    just as it would be , "Unislamic" for Iran to produce a Nuclear bomb, according to the Ayatollah, Muslim killing Muslim is totally prohibited...
  • 52.
    missile test
    The hate for Israel that some of the blogers have makes them blind to reality First US didn't lie US navy didn't fire any missile Second it was a test of defensive weapons not offensive Third every nation in the world tests their weapon systems A little advice stop blaming Israel for every problem in the world if you realistically and without prejudice analize every situation in the world you will find that Israel is responsible for less then 1% while the Islamists are today responsible for all the wars, and terrorist acts in the world, check out Syria with 120,00 dead killed by their own people
  • the best post so far
    100% truth. You have to understand that the the people writing these posts are consumed with hate and ignorance.
  • 51.
    Well, yeah, THAT'S a bright idea, isn't it.....
    Anyone want to bet that this IDF jet was flying right over the top of a US missile-armed destroyer when it launched that "test missile" in the general direction of Syria?
  • 50.
    A former Bush administration official: Israel may be behind use of chemical arms in Syria - West of Eden. Go to Google News enter keywords: "Ghouta syria saudis" A plethora of news sources that will shock you...
  • 49.
    And has Congressman Issa given an update on the subpoena to Mr. Lew?
  • 48.
    Big surprise the Repukes side with Syria over the USA
  • 47.
    How can liberals...
    ...blame this on Bush? I'll bet they try to find a way.
  • How about this one...
    The US hasn't gotten any approval from his traditional partners because nobody has forgotten the stupid lies told by Mr. Bush when he attacked Iraq, uh? How about that one?
  • 46.
    Washington lies and Israel lies
    Israel lies and Washington lies
  • wohhhhhhha, what a post, we are fully informed now thanks to your evidences
  • And you love Syria?
  • Israel lies and Washington lies
    ...and little lambs eat ivy...
  • 45.
    missle article
    Brings to mind North Korea's behavior.
  • 44.
    The People of Isreal
    As an American i apologize for our feckless President and i wish the Israeli people luck in the coming struggle against these tyrants........Our people love you but, we have a problem with Obama here and don't want him involved in anything right now......... For he would use this for his agenda and not for his love of anyone but himself.......
  • 43.
    Misslile Test
    So, the Israeli's send up a couple missiles so US satellite and electronics can monitor Syrian reaction and capability to track.
  • 42.
  • who cares except you ?????? better think about the 100'000 murdered syrians from Assad's butchers
  • You mean
    That horrible accident during a wartime situation where both Israel AND the US concluded it was a case of mistaken identity because the Liberty was too close to the Egyptian coast? No, we won't forget that horrible accident.
  • and the six million Arabs the Israel controlled US Armed Forces have killed since 1985???
  • liberty was 40 years ago..but if you want to visit history......Never forget slavery, Native american exterminations, Hiroshima Nagasaki,
  • You Mean Revisionist History
    Conspiracy nut.
  • And the millions of Arabs killing each other or killing Christians in Sudan and Egypt, jews in Israel
  • You are desperate to equate suffering and in the process forgot your math lessons.
  • 41.
    Missile Test
    Wonder if we got Congressional approval for that.
  • to kill some more Syrians?
    Shame on US and its spoiled child Israel.
  • 40.
    BB Thank you for the clear message... And US apologizes for our Community organizer
    Don't Tread On Me!
  • 39.
    Russian ships shadowing the Americans are to monitor any electronic action and tell Assad of when the strike
  • and tell Assad when to hide in a sewage pipe.
  • 38.
    world war 3
    israel won't be happy until they get us into world war 3
  • Are you serious?
    Have you noticed that the ones who are killing each other are the ARABS, the Muslin, and that Israel has NOTHING to do with the massacres carried out by Arabs against Arabs? Why blaming Israel ALWAYS?
  • 37.
    Missile Test by Israel/US
    When our People and our Beautiful State of Israel is threatened by an Evil Dictator who gases his own people...We Must Be Always Ready! Goodluck and Best Wishes To Our Men and Women in The IDF.
  • our Beautiful State?
    Are you talking about the rogue entity that has used shells with white phosphorus in populated areas in Gaza carnage killing Palestinian babies and women?.
  • 36.
    Missile Test by Israel/US
    When our People and our Beautiful State of Israel is threatened by an Evil Dictator who gases his own people...We Must Be Always Ready! Goodluck and Best Wishes To Our Men and Women in The IDF.
  • 35.
    Missile Test by Israel/US
    When our People and our Beautiful State of Israel is threatened by an Evil Dictator who gases his own people...We Must Be Always Ready! Goodluck and Best Wishes To Our Men and Women in The IDF.
  • 34.
    Missile Test by Israel/US
    When our People and our Beautiful State of Israel is threatened by an Evil Dictator who gases his own people...We Must Be Always Ready! Goodluck and Best Wishes To Our Men and Women in The IDF.
  • 33.
    jews preparing their final destruction.
  • Oh, sweat dreams, sweat dream...
  • final destruction of jews?
    Andreas, , that can never happen that is, as long as the sun shines in the day and the moon and stars shine at night and the heavens remain unmeasured and the foundations of the earth not searched out. The G.od of Israel has said so. Ad.onai Tz'vaot is His Name! They (Israeli people) will never cease to exist.
  • 32.
    Sea I told you...
    If you keep putting objects into the oceans that will raise the sea levels!
  • 31.
    Peace for the USA
    Americans should take to the streets for the right to Peace and to declare anyone that drags us to war a WAR CRIMINAL, yep all of them. The illegal treaty with ISRAEL should be thrown in the TRASH HEAP of HISTORY! If we don't those a holes will drag the military machine of the USA to WAR and the USA'S DESTRUCTION via DERIVATIVES... WEAPONS of financial mass destruction. Oh, look what's in the NEWS TODAY!!!!! Amid contradictory reports || Israel, U.S. carry out joint missile test in the Mediterranean! Russia had detected the launch of two ballistic 'objects' toward the sea, Russian media reported earlier; U.S. Navy earlier denied having any involvement in the launch. THIS CANNOT STAND GET THE USA MILITARY OUT OF THE DANGER ZONE PERIOD
  • 30.
    Missile test
    Sounds to me like Syria's missile defense radars were being tested.
  • 29.
    Teh Stupid never rests.
    Firing missiles over the Med? With tensions as high as they are in the region? Are they actually trying to start WWIII??? How stupid can you get?
  • 28.
    Missile test in the Mediterranean
    It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.
  • 27.
    Apparently, this government lies to other countries as easily as they lie to us.
  • 26.
    A world of warning
    Russia will defend Syria from the US / Israeli missiles by shooting them down from her warships stationed along the Syrian coast-line.This means that the USA has to target them too in order to strike undisturbed at Syria and that this war will be prolonged and become more complicated. For every damage caused to a Russian warship by the Americans / Israel, Russia will hit back hard at them. And there we go: head over heels to a serious war like Tom and Jerry, the superpowers and their allies taking turns in revenge-attacks. Russia's decision to take action on Assad's behalf and to stop the US-missiles, means that a serious war will break out where the superpowers will confront each other as enemies and the world will become divided into "for and against" - camps. The USA's strike will mark the beginning of the Third World War and not Assad's fall and the end of what began as the Syrian civil war. Ladies and gentlemen: The Third World War is here! - It is clear that its repercussions will change our world permanently.
  • 25.
    Everyone knows
    Israel has nuclear weapons. Why does everyone have to undergo UN nuclear inspection except Israel? Israel is a jewish supremacist state. Why does Israel push for western nations to become more and more 'multicultural' but doesn't follow this same rule itself? The West fights wars for Israel's sake. We've long grown tired of it. Fight your own stupid wars.
  • 24.
    Missle test denial
    Deny Deflect Delay Destroy the evidence and the messengers Drip Declare Executive Privilege or take the fifth Go on vacation Works every time why change it
  • 23.
    Story for amateurs
    Not buying this. This was a flash-out of Syria's radars. Expect the first wave of attack to be soon, likely not sea-based missiles but the USAF. This will not be a limited "deterrent" but a massive campaign against key assets of Syria and Hezbollah that lasts for days.
  • 22.
    Game On
    It wont take much now to ignite this conflict. Hang on folks, this is going to be one heck of a 1015 days, BTW...Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends. The ten days of Awe are about to become that. Hashem be praised. protect your people.
  • 21.
    Just to remind Syria and Iran that we also have missiles.....................
  • 20.
    Russian systems test more like it
    US/Israel are testing how fast the russian "spy" ships can detect launch signatures and relay information to Damascus.
  • 19.
    Why "CONTRADICTED" ????
    "The Israeli Defense Ministry's statement contradicted those made earlier Tuesday by a spokesman for the U.S. Navy's European headquarters, who said it had not fired any missiles from ships in the Mediterranean." WHY on Earth are you stating here: "CONTRADICTED" ?? The IDF/IAF fired these two Rafael's Silver-Sparrow missiles. The U.S. Navy DIDN'T..... There is NO condradiction here....
  • 18.
    Grammar mistakes
    pathetic writing, your English needs to improve Gili.
  • 17.
    US denies it was involved. Who is telling a weak version of the truth?
  • 16.
    Not Aimed at Syria
    Try to keep up children...You've not been paying attention. This wasn't a demonstration for Syria, this was a demonstration for Iran.
  • 15.
    Missile Test
    The Countdown has started for a strike on Syria..Anytime looks like with these tests!
  • 14.
    Soon Enough
    There will be plenty of real targets lfor the Arrow system to track.
  • don't worry mohamed, a lot will fall on Ramallah as well
  • 13.
    Israel, U.S. Carry Out Joint Missile Test In The Mediterranean
    May God always bless and protect the Nation of Israel!!!
  • "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition"
  • Hopefully an act of God will someday extinguish the stolen land from Palestine and punish the thieves.
  • The heroes of islam know that trying to harm state of isreal always leaves a taste of failure, followed a meet and greet with allah
  • 12.
    New Sarin supply for rebels ?
  • "Freedom fighter"
    already in trenches and tests his blah-blah weaponry.
  • Sergy re Freedom f ighter..he's based his whole act
    on Mel Gibson in Braveheart, "Freeeeedom"
  • 11.
    getting ready to defend itself
    Israel only wants peace
  • That's hilarious.
    Israel only wants more land from its destabilized neighbors.
  • yes more peices of syria, palestine, egypt
  • Since when?
  • Yeah, because it's obvious that Assad will launch his missile from pontoons moored in the middle of the Med Sea....
  • Interesting definition of "peace"
    Peace while expanding your borders into other peoples land ?
  • Melissa
    Since 1947, when her neighbors had denied her right to exist and started war on her.
  • funny
    depend who , what ''israel'' mean, who figure israel u said
  • 10.
    Israel, U.S. carry out joint missile test in the Mediterranean
    This was indeed a highly stupid act
  • I doubt it
    The US and Israel are testing how fast the russians can detect launch signatures and relay the warning to Damascus.
  • 9.
    Buckle up...
    This is going to be rough...on everyone.
  • 8.
    Stupidity test
    What if Damascus fired a test missile in retaliation?
  • that was the plan
    that was the point and they would have got away with it if it wasn't for those pesky Russians their nosey dog!
  • There is no IF.
    Israel didn't hit Syria. You can't call any attack from Syria "in retaliation".
  • They would got away with what exactly?
  • There's be hell to pay
  • 7.
    Israel/US the peace lovers taunting Assad.
  • 6.
    War monger
  • Peace loving arab
    Funny how Israel are the "war Monger's" after all I don't believe they have killed over 120,000 people in the lat few years.
  • 5.
    Can't count on your gun if you're no sure it fires.
    Can't count on your gun if you're no sure it fires.
  • 4.
    Israel is preparing for "Samson option" ?
  • yes, all growing pleates
  • 3.
    US use Syria to turn worlds focus from Egypt. In a time when military crackdown on M.B is worse then ever.
  • Got something against the overthrow of an Islamist who was about to destroy
    what little democracy there exists in Egypt, and replace it with Shar'ia Law, which would end all further elections?
  • 2.
    This is a test! This is a test! Resturning to normal programming.
  • 1.
    crazy obama.