Israel announces tenders for 1,400 new housing units in West Bank, Jerusalem

600 settlement units planned for East Jerusalem, 800 for West Bank; Netanyahu's announcement preempts likely protest by right-wing hardliners in his government.

Construction site in the West Bank settlement of Modiin Illit.
Construction site in the West Bank settlement of Modiin Illit. Settlement construction − and not any talks or prisoner release −... / Photo by AP
By Barak Ravid
Published 12:02 10.01.14

The Housing Ministry announced Friday morning new tenders for 1,400 housing units in settlements in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem.

The announcement was made three weeks after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he intends to launch a new wave of settlement construction parallel to the third step of Palestinian prisoner release.

Tenders were released for the construction of 600 housing units in the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood in Jerusalem, which lies over the Green Line, and a further 801 units in settlement blocs in the West Bank.

Israel will build 227 housing units in Efrat, 78 in Alfei Menashe, 86 in Karnei Shomron, 40 in Ariel, 75 in Adam, 24 in Beitar Illit, 102 in Immanuel and 169 in Elkana.

In addition, tenders were released for the construction of 532 units in Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, across the Green Line. The plots for these units were marketed in the past but found no buyers, and were now put back out on the market. These include 182 units in Pisgat Ze'ev, 294 in Ramot and 56 in Neve Yaakov.

Netanyahu delayed the tenders for over two weeks, until after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's visit to the region, but ahead of a an additional trip that's coming up. With this timing, Netanyahu likely aimed to avoid a delay of almost a month which might have cause the hardlines in his government to protest.

Palestinian peace negotiator Saeb Erekat denounced the new settlement tenders saying they show "Israel's clear commitment to the destruction of peace efforts and the imposition of an apartheid regime."

He called on the international community to take measures against the occupation in order to "protect and help to realize the two-state solution."

"[Israel's] announcement should also serve as a reminder to the international community to sever all ties with the Israeli occupation, including companies and institutions involved in the colonization of Palestine," Erekat said in a statement.

The Housing Ministry released the statement that Minister Uri Ariel is on an official visit to the United States, where he is slated to meet with representatives of Jewish communities and U.S. experts on public housing.

Finance Minister Yair Lapid responded to the announcement and called the tenders "devoid of substance," adding that the new construction is a bad idea and vowed his party will fight against it. 


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  • 20.
    Keep Building
    The more homes Israel builds the closer it will be to a lasting peace.
  • 19.
    It's all about what Israel are doing not to make you realy think releasing criminal terrorists is a step to peace......what are they saying? its ok to kill and vomit terror because ? What? Why? The fact that's in their peace deal....yes release our murderers and we will make you peace!!! Repugnant
  • 18.
    Article title is incomplete
    Any article referring to the building of settlements should always include the words ' housing units for Jews only'. Because? That's the truth.
  • 17.
    The Anti Zionists and the Islamists will lose
    Jews will build in their ancestral homeland regardless of the crying and bickering coming from the Communists and the Fascist Sharia agents.
  • 16.
    Israel continues to demonstrate to all that it does not want Peace. Its actions are louder than its words.
  • 15.
    Build baby build
    Good now make it 1 million homes the Arabs need to get it thro their heads that we are not going anywhere and move back to Jordan the real Arab state.
  • 14.
    The piece loving nation. What do you say the free World?
  • 13.
    new housing announcements
    Sad news. We need effots to promote peace and the 2 states solution. Instead Bibi furthers the occupation.
  • 12.
    Peace term ?!
    and he wants after that the Arabs to recognize West Bank , Jerusalem a part of the Jewish State he working for !!
  • 11.
    Israel announces tenders for 1,400 new housing units in West Bank, Jerusalem?
    and the defiant Zionists say they want peace? or let us be honest and say "PIECE". Where is the Free World condemnation and sanctions? What are they afraid of? is it jewish money?
  • 10.
    Israel, Israel you are not up to date.
    In the Middle East building house for humans to live in is not a appropriately behaviour. The world will scold you. Look at your neighbour Syria that is the correct policy. No one in the world is interested in destroying houses!
  • But Hans Israel is building houses only for Jews
    Nice try but no cigar.
  • 9.
    PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas displays a map of "Palestine" erasing Israel
    PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas displays a map of "Palestine" that erases Israel. The names of the neighboring countries of "Palestine" are written in English: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt.There is no mention of Israel....Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Apr. 27, 2009. Is this Abbas the same that is in "peace" talks with Israel?
  • Hasn't Israel already erased Palestine off the map ?
    Yet the incitement is that there are rumours that the victim showed a map...
  • 8.
    It's a good move in the face of increased 'palestinian' terror and increased anti-semitism from the Eurotrash. Let them know that Jews will
    not be subjected to genocide again - either by Islamists or their Eurotrash bedfellows.
  • But how soon
    will these homes be built actually and finally and have people living in them.? Israel seems to take forever building even after plan -IF ever built at all! even after OK's authorized. Build more, build faster, and build strong, Many 1000s more must be built all over the land. Would be nice too if looks of buildings have more variety instead of Stalinist monolithic look
  • 7.
    Your government is just crazy - unbelievable
  • Henry Kissinger who is a jewish once said; "Israel's negotiating tactic is to move from the intolerable to the impossible
    and call it a concession." Let's see if he was right. I hope he was wrong.
  • 6.
    “Brothers and sisters, now listen to the speech of Mahmoud Abbas, President of the State of Palestine, which will be delivered by fighter
    member of Fatah’s Central Committee.” Muhaisen, on behalf of Abbas: “All our holy places are still under occupation, and so far we have not liberated one inch of Palestinian land. All Palestinian land is occupied – Gaza is occupied, the West Bank is occupied, the 1948 lands (i.e., Israel) are occupied and Jerusalem is occupied.”...Source: Official PA TV Live, Oct. 10, 2013.....You see?Even without settlers the war on Israel would continue.
  • That's why you are supposed to be negotiating a just peace agreement!
    After a peace agreement, the war would stop.
  • International law says if entry and exit from a state are controlled by military force and naval blockade, it is a form of occupation.
    And occupation IS A STATE OF WAR. Gaza PROVES Israel's war continues even without Settlement in Gaza.
  • 5.
    Well Mr. Kerry what now ? Maybe keeping the UN veto card in your pocket the next time Israel is condemned for it's illegal activities.
  • Heh,,, Netanyahu has made Kerry his own bitch. I'm sure Americans are proud :D
  • The US has no pride when it comes to Israel
    Israel keeps thumbing it's nose at it, disrespecting Kerry and peace talks, and still they keep supporting it.
  • Kerry is Obama's bitch. Obama is Israel's puppet.
    Everything done for Israel at the UN and UN Security Council was done by Obama, who has forgotten his PROMISE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FOR CHANGE. There is no change here. It was a lie used by a poser to betray the American People.
  • 4.
    Bibi will now meet his Waterloo
    And it will be entirely by his own choice.
  • 3.
    New Tenders
    Just 1400 housing unit before recognition Israel as Jewish state . I wonder what will happen after recognition . Will some body please tell me !
  • 2.
    The piece talks are a joke
    Israel continues to take one piece after another of the supposed future Palestinian while engaging in meaningless talks. Kerry is merely enabling this continued land grab.
  • Peace talks are a joke because Palestinians reject any Jewish majority state.
    Kerry is finding out that peace to the Palestinians means Muslim states only. The US took it for granted that peace means Jewish and Palestinian majority states. Now Kerry finds out that the Arabs just make excuses for rejecting a Jewish Israel. The Arabs including the Palestinians just have demands from the US and no willingness to compromise. That's the bottom line.
  • Giora - agreed. The terror entity a.k.a 'palestinians' refuse to accept the Jewish state's existence and have increased terror. These talks
    are indeed a joke.
  • Baloney
    First Israel demanded that the Palestinians recognize Israel. They did. No they demand that non-Jewish citizens of Israel are second class citizens. Next they'll be demanding the recognition of the right of return. For Jews only. Meanwhile much of the current Israeli government believes taht there is no such thing as Palestinians. And that they should move to Jordan.
  • Giora Meir. Do the Palestinians accept that peace leads to Jewish and Palestinian majority states?
    Show us where Palestinians and their leaders say so. After all, that is the generally accepted understanding of peace.
  • again jewish state?
    jews are the most talented and inventive people And yet Israel allows itself to be driven by religious fantasies and paranoia. Get yourselves a Constitution, already.
  • 1.
    Let's applaud Israel
    For being able to disregard ALL condemnation by the rest of the world, and carry on blatantly building illegal settlements, in places they have NO RIGHT to be. It take that special chutzpah, that is the hallmark of Israeli policies, to keep announcing illegal settlements detrimental to the on going peace talks. If Israel is trying to convince the world they are serious about peace for their people, they are making a poor show of it.
  • It doesn't make a difference what Israel does. The world criticizes Israel because non-Jews imagine Jews have it all+they are jealous.
  • Err... All they have is sand & arrogance, that is all. No reason to be jealous or is there?
  • The world criticizes Israel for WHAT it DOES
    Not for what it it may or may not have....that goes for illegal settlements too, the subject of this article. It doesn't make a difference what the world SAYS, Israel keeps breaking international laws, INVITING that criticism.
  • Sam, the Dutch foreign minister admitted that Europe does not like strong Jews, only weak ones.
  • A, you are misquoting again
    I know I've called you out on this before, so why do you keep posting these lies? What Timmermans said was that Israel was losing support from Europe because it is no longer perceived as an underdog but rather a relentless top-dog that does not respect the wishes of others. Go back and read the quote again, you've obviously misinterpreted it.
  • and one should remember that Christian Europe killed jews in WWII.
    Not the Palestinians or Muslims.
  • Fine, Sam, then Israel must stop taking USA Money
    Practice Israeli apartheid on your own dime, don't make " The Special Relationship" include USA funding of illegal settlements
  • We WILL STOP Taking US Money
    So too, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and especially the corrupt Palestinians. Israel doesn't need the money. There you go,Happy Now ? The only apartheid are the Palestinians, who will not allow a single Jew in their state. Why would Israel allow a single Arab into Israel is beyond normal comprehension. The Kings of Apartheid, aka Palestinians practice apartheid daily. Who are you lecturing.