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U.S. Congress committee endorses $488 million aid to Israel

Funds would go toward procurement of Iron Dome and development of Arrow 3 and Magic Wand missile interception systems.

Iron Dome
An Iron Dome battery positioned in the Tel Aviv area, Nov. 17, 2012. / Photo by IDF
By Amos Harel
Published 03:34 10.06.13

The U.S. House of Representatives Armed Services Committee has endorsed a $488 million increase in military aid to Israel, which would pay for Israel's procurement and development of additional rocket and missile interception systems.

The committee last week approved the defense authorization bill proposal submitted by its chairman, California Republican Howard McKeon. According to the wording of the proposal, the U.S. will allocate another $268 million to Israel in 2014 for the development of two interception systems: the Arrow 3, which intercepts long-range missiles, and the Magic Wand, which intercepts medium-range missiles.

U.S. President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before an Iron Dome battery
U.S. President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pose with members of the Israel Defense Forces as he views an ... / Photo by Reuters

This is a larger investment than initially planned. The bill also states that a further $220 million will be allocated in 2014 to finance the purchase of extra batteries for the Iron Dome missile defense system. The proposal must now be approved by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations. It will be submitted to the Senate at a later stage.

Israel currently has five Iron Dome batteries. The plan will give Israel another five batteries by the end of next year.

The U.S. also gives Israel $3.1 billion in military aid annually. U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel promised that this would not be reduced even while significant cuts are being made to the U.S. defense budget.

Despite frequent disputes with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government regarding the peace process with the Palestinians and the Iranian nuclear threat, U.S. President Barack Obama's administration continues to be extraordinarily generous when it comes to granting military aid. Israeli defense officials see last week's decision as further evidence of the strength of the relationship between the two countries.


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  • 6.
    Oh, goodie!
    Just what we Americans need, more money we don't have to the biggest welfare nation on the Earth and one that would gladly drop its cache of nukes on the US as a "thank you"
  • 5.
    Israeli theatre should reflect Jewish morality, not that of an obscure minority's
    Israel gets huge aid from the US. One wonders if that's why Israel apparently stages immoral plays in Tel Aviv - I saw the headline in today's Haaretz online but I was not interested to read the article titled: "On the Whys & Wherefores of Sexual Experimentation", described as a filmmaker's stage version of a story "about a young woman who engages in homosexual and group sex in search of herself". Is that the kind of play they like in the US? One might even wonder if Israel is blackmailed into putting on that kind of immoral trash. For why else, would Israel, situated in the midst of the Middle East, surrounded by conservative Muslim countries, want to put on a play which would obviously be offensive to Muslims, and therefore would be likely to provoke dislike of Israel by the surrounding Muslim countries? Are people who put on plays like that purposely aiming to alienate Israel from the rest of the Middle East, or have a "don't care what they think" attitude, are they stark raving mad, or what???
  • 4.
    A US congress that lacks morality
    If you are not seeing people's disgust with our congress stooping so low then you are bought and sold by the Zionists. Zionism is racism .
  • Arat
    Are you an "American" or a Muslim who parrots Communist propaganda? The only people who agree that Zionism is racism are those who're force fed on a diet of Communist propaganda.
  • More like a Parrot
    Mohamed forgets the Arab countries where NO Jew may live and the Arab countries from which Jews escaped. It's just parrot talk and the language is extremely limited to sound bytes.
  • American actions against its own people like wire tapping etc if not communist ideas then what are they? Stop being hypocritical. US & the
    West had adverse comments about Russia & China's surveillence about its own peole but now they are following that same path. Charity begins at home.
  • you can be both a muslim and an America - just as we WASP's welcome the Jew here - this land we created an all emulate
  • mohamed
    no Zionism is not racism Zionism is the right for Israel to be a state . Israel was set up in 1948 by the U N - by men You should get used to the idea of Israel as a state and Jews are not race . There is only one race THE HUMAN RACE .
  • communism
    did you read about communism in comic strips ???
  • 3.
    Money Well Spent
    I cannot think of a much better investment than using US money to develop anti-missile systems and by shoring up the only genuine US ally in the Mideast. This makes especial sense with Iran and Russia's involvement in Syria. The US needs to counter these threats.
  • a thankful beggar.
  • R I thank you on behalf of the Israeli beggars
    It's heartening to know that ONE country in the World puts self interest secondary to it's commitment to Freedom and Democracy for everyone on the Planet and if you don't get with the program, America will bomb the crap out of you
  • Actually, Chaim, Israel needs to get a job, and support herself, We don't need her
    sucking up Americans tax dollars. She is not an "investment," because there is no return.
  • 2.
    Cingress is occupied Israeli Territory.
    We are broke and thoe SOBs spending billions on a foreign nation. a ountry that is causing us a lot of harm and making us a lot of enemies........
  • Missile Defense Systems
    Developing these defense systems are very valuable to US interests. You should be grateful that the US has an ally such as Israel in the Mideast. I know I am grateful for the US's friendship.
  • @chaim, israel should be thankful, america must be angry.
    the israeli american alliance is purely a one way friendship. america gives money, israel takes money. america loses, israel gains. please share with us, only 1 reason as to how america gains from israel. keep in mind, more or less every terrorist organization that has threatened america, has done so while quoting israel as the primary reason. 9/11 included on the top of the list. just because western media edited that bit out, doesnt mean it isnt so, any minor research can yield US politicians stating that al qaida blamed american bias towards israel as the reason.
  • American aid
    Maybe because the majority of the Tax contributors from high income salaries in your country comes from Jews or companies owned or started by Jews. Maybe because in return that aid is really an investment and in return you get equipment and military software that will save American soldiers lives on the battlefield. When it comes to it Israel is the only country the gives something back from the tax aid from the us. We will be true allies for ever. Other countries in the Middle East can be your friend today but with regiem change this might not end up being the case. Take Egypt no longer a true supporter of western values!!!
  • R what's wrong R?
    maybe you're hoping some nice people with a beef against the yids sets off a Nuclear bomb in the middle of Manhattan so you can come here and blame Israel? Over 100,000 Syrians now dead and you still spew this crap.
  • how naive
  • US Military Aid to Israel is not "free"
    The US does not give money away without a reason. First off, Israel must spend the money given to it on US industries. The money given to Israel creates jobs in the US. Secondly, Israel provides a base for the US navy, US air force and if need be the US army in Israel to operate from. Thirdly, Israel provides technology to the US and real life environments to test out new technology. Israel is one of the biggest innovators of existing technology in the world. Last but not least, Israel provides intelligence to the US and is one of the US's greatest allies and not just the government, but the people as well. This is unlike Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and other Mideast nations which attack US embassies and routinely burn American flags.
  • @H a nuke detonates in Manhattan, i wouldnt blame israel, i would remember the USS Liberty incident. and wonder who has access to nukes and
    has a looooooong reputation of false flag operations worldwide. over 100,000 syrians dead, and your governments are supplying the arms, you want the violence to stop in syria, stop pouring fuel onto it. it cant be said in any better way than this. how would americans feel, if assad starts supplying american militias with anti aircraft missiles? how would america feel if china starts pouring money into anti-goverment americans' accounts? america started the syrian conflict, and now that thier jihadi puppets are losing, they want to refuel the conflict by dumping more weapons at them, so they can go all rambo, and shoot randomly around corners, and fire RPGs in residential neighborhoods knowing that if any civilians die, western media will blame assad for them.
  • R Interesting
    Just watched a 30 minute program on Al Jazeera with a majority Muslim audience, many of whom were Syrians, all of whom asked why the West had done nothing, allowing a vacuum that had been infiltrated by extremists from Iraq etc.
  • Precisely "R's" point
    Extremists from Iraq...Al Quaeda linked. The main rebel group in Syria is Al Quaeda aligned and America and Israel are falling over themselves to arm and back Al Quaeda. This will blow up in your faces....watch what happens when Assad gets toppled. At some point they will infiltrate into Israel.
  • @H almost all arabic news channels are reflecting western media on this issue. why?
    because assad is a secular alawite who has been nice to the christians, and hasnt giving in to american demands, or sold out syria's resources to america and great britain. he doesnt fit in the arab-dictator club. hence why most arab media worked hard to make him come out as a vampire. however if you do some more research, and discuss this issue with syrians of other faiths, they would describe to you, how armies from iraq, libya, saudi arabia entered syria to blow themselves up killing as many heretics (non sunni muslims) as possible. and guess who is giving these suicide bombers weapons?
  • Don't forget allowing Israel to build illegal settlement, take Palestian lands and the best of all, a veto at the UN
  • I totally agree about building illegal settlements
    and the taking of Palestinian lands. For this, I and many fellow Jews are deeply ashamed. There is no excuse for a continuous expansionist Policy, However, this story I believe is about Syria.
  • Who is going to spy and attack America
    We know Israel spies on US but I do not think anybody is going to attack America unless it stops financing Israeli wars and aggression and may be then Israel use it nukes on congress hahaha!
  • Israel gives nothing back, She is a parasite, That's all.
  • 1.
    I proudly served alongside US Troops in battle
    Supported America for decades since. Now I see a stupid nation damaging itself by supporting a State that historically is its own worst enemy. What about your own people suffering and in need of financial help. 488 million dollars could help a lot of US families. Israel uses its weapons purchases to continue the Occupation,oppress the Palestinians and kill them for actions settlers get away with. America will never enjoy, my or other members who served with me,support. America has become too stupid for words and it is dragging Americas standing down to the floor. Wake up America.
  • inbound39 couldn't agree more
    So when do plan to remove the troops currently stationed in 150 countries around the World? Wasn't Nagasaki, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq twice, Libya and now Syria etc enough for you or is it all down to the "Heimmies" as the Rev Jesse Jackson indiscreetly referred to Jews as?.
  • Some sobering truth
    America went into Iraq based on Israeli intelligence and encouragement. Israel wants to convince America to attack Iran. When has Israel committed troops to any of these battles. Did or has Israel sent troops to Iraq,Afghanistan,Somalia,Vietnam....no of course they haven't. Israel only tackles primitively armed adversaries. The biggest cause of conflict in the Middle East is the Occupation and illegal settlements in Palestinian Territory. It is the sick American and Israel alliance that has undermined the credibility and effectiveness of the UN. The American veto has kept Israel from facing consequences up until now. One reason Iraq was invaded was its violation and non compliance of sixteen resolutions. Israel holds the record of 69 resolutions it has not complied with and not a whisper about invasion. Israel's time to pay the piper is cominjg...of that I am certain.
  • inbound 39 and it's the Russian veto
    that has enabled 100,000 Syrians to be massacred. No, it's nothing to do with communications, with the aspiration of millions of repressed Muslims wishing to be free to determine their own destiny. I am no fan of any Government I can think of, but for you it's all simplistic, a Zionist plot and as long as you refuse to look at the bigger picture you will reflect the intransigence and hatred that enables eternal War to exist.