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Hassan Nafe'a
A Palestinian a  national flag next to an Israeli police vehicle during a demonstration against the
An Israeli machinery demolishes a Palestinian building housing an apartment and a restaurant in Beit
Israel’s war of attrition on a Christian Palestinian town

An Israeli outpost has been established in the middle of a World Heritage site, igniting mutual suspicions among the local people. Small wonder a recent protest did so poorly

By Amira Hass 11:41 16.09.19 | 2 comments
Palestinian cancer patients take part in a protest to demand to travel for treatment, in Gaza city D
By a majority of votes, Israel will once again deny Palestinians the right to life

Most Jewish Israelis will once again be voting for parties for which our right to rule and abuse another people is a sacred principle enshrined in their platforms

By Amira Hass 10:45 16.09.19 | 3 comments
The Erez crossing at the Gaza border, May 2, 2019.
Palestinians are 'illegal aliens' in West Bank, Israel tells top court

State admits effort to 'halt the growth' in number of Gazans leaving the coastal enclave and 'prevent their settling' in Palestinian Authority-controlled West Bank

By Amira Hass 11:04 13.09.19 | 5 comments
Kahol Lavan party leader Benny Gantz.
On Israel's Election Day, Dutch court to consider war crimes case against Gantz

The suit seeks compensation for the deaths six members of Gazan-born Dutch citizen's family in Israel's 2014 war with Gaza; the army says the building served as a Hamas war room

By Amira Hass 14:22 10.09.19 | 0 comments
Palestinian schoolchildren cross through an Israeli checkpoint as they head to school in Hebron, Wes
Joint List leaders at campaign event in Tel Aviv, August 20, 2019.
Palestinian women protest in support of women's rights outside the prime minister's office in the We
Israa Gharib, who died under 'suspicious circumstances' in Bethlehem, August 2019.