Gaza boy
Gaza boy Photo by Photo via TLV1
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Allison, Don and Noah discuss three topics of incomparable importance, and end with an anecdote each about something in Israel that made them smile this week

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Now the ceasefire’s signed, what the hell just happened?
What should we make of the ceasefire agreement? What can and should be done to take advantage of the opportunities created by this war (notwithstanding its many miseries and tragedies) to create a better future for us all?

Iron Dome saved lives, but at what cost?
Has Israel’s missile defense system, which probably saved hundreds of Israeli lives in this war, actually saved Hamas from destruction and undermined Israel’s image as a civilized state in the eyes of the West?

Liberal Zionism, RIP?
Are we nearing the watershed at which ‘liberal Zionists’ will have to choose between liberalism and Zionism? Does the reality of modern Israel offer no hope for Jews committed to liberal values?